World War II and Its Aftermath 1931-1960.txt

  1. The systematic murder of 11 million people across Europe, more than half of whom were Jews.
  2. In November 9-10,1938 Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, bisinesses across Germany and Around 100 Jews were killed.
  3. The German Ocean liner was full of jews whom disembarking in America but they were forced to returned to Europe. What was the name of the ship the jews were on it?
    The plight of the St. Louis
  4. Hitler was obsessed with a desire to rid Europe of its Jews, so then, he imposed what he called the "Final Solution". How do you call to this policy which deliberate and systematic killing of an entire population?
  5. What was Hitler's final solution rested on the belief that Aryans were a superior people?
    Nazis condemned to slavery and death.
  6. After taking power in 1993, the Nazis had concentrated on silencing their political opponents. what was the three main groups Germany considered enemies?
    Gypsies, Freemasons,Jehovah's Witnesses.
  7. Jews were ordered into dismal. This was segregated Jewish areas in central Polish cities. What was the name of these overcrowded dismal?
  8. This were originally set up to imprison political opponents and protesters but later were turned to the SS to used it to warehouse.Finally, Jews in communities not reached by the killing squads were dragged from their homes and herded onto trains for shipment.
    Concentration Camps
  9. In order to kill more Jews, Hitler's top officials agreed to begin a new phase of the mass murder of Jews. This was "The final stage". To mass slaughter and stravation they would add a third method of killing. What was this 3th method?
    Murder by poison gas
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