World War II and Its Aftermath 1931-1960.txt

  1. What was Hitler's first target during World war II?
  2. About 3 million German-speaking people lived in Czechoslovakia when Hitler then turned to that Land. What Germanies called to this land?
  3. A Journalist and historian, became well know for his radio broadcats from Berlin at the biginning of World War II.
    William Shirer.
  4. He was a British prime minister and he met with Hitler in September 30, 1938 to signed the "MUNICH AGREEMENT" to avoid a war?.
    Neville Chamberlain
  5. The Hitler's last territorial demand was "Sudetenland". Chamberlaind and Deladier promised to protect them, and to avoid a war, both of them (Deladier and Chamberlaind) met with Hitler to signed an Agreement, which turned the "Sudetenland" over to Germany without a single shot being fired. What was the name of this Agreement?
    Munich Agreement
  6. Winston Churchill did not like the idea when Chamberland and Deladier signed the Munich Agreement because they giving up principles to pacify an aggressor. Therefor, they adopted a shameful policy of?
  7. Germany wanted to take control over Poland but Poland might bring Germany into conflict with the Soviet Union. This issue makes that Stalin surprised everyone by signing a pact and also signed a second, secret pact, agreeing to divided Poland between Hitler and Stalin. What is the name of the first Pact?
    Nonaggression pact
  8. It made use of advances in military technology know as the lightning war, and it was used by Germaniest to attack Poland and also cause the begun of World War II.
  9. After the fall of Poland, Frech and British troops on the Maginot Line sat staring into Germany, waiting for something to happen. Germans called this the "sitting war" but for newspapers was referred to as the?
    Phony war.
  10. How Hitler launched a surprise invasion of Denmark and Norway?
    To protect those countries freedom and Independence
  11. He fled to England, where he set up a goverment-in-exile, in wich proclaimed defiantly the lost of France.
    Charles de Gaulle
  12. During World War II Britian fought brilliantly because of the help of a new device called radar. What was the name of the aircraft made by the Britian?
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