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  1. He create a model communist state by doing agricultural and industrial growth the prime economic goals of the soviet Union. He also abolished all privately owned farms and replaced them with collectives large government - owned farms and his last name means �man of steel�.?
    Joseph Stalin
  2. The Soviet Union controled by Stalin established a goverment that tried to exert complete control over its citizens, in this sate the people have no rights, and the goverment suppresses all opposition. Finally Stalin had firmly established a?
  3. He establish the Fascist Party in italy, and playing on the fears of economic and communism, he called himselft "the leader" crushing all opposition and by making Italy a totalitarian state.
    Benito Mussolini
  4. Stressed nationalism and placed the interests of the state above those individuals. The power must rest with a single strong leader and a small group of devoted party members. How do you called this political system?
  5. He was a nationalism and racism who wanted to expant and rule the world.
    Adolf Hitler
  6. The National Socialist German Workers Party had became the strongest political in Germany and it was based on extreme Nationalism. These was better know as?
  7. What was the Third element of Nazims?
    National Expansion.
  8. In january 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor, once in these power, he quickly dismantled Germany's democratic Weimar Republic. Now in its place Hilter established the?
    Third Reich
  9. This League was to prevent aggressive acts against other nations, specially in Europe when Mussolimi invaded Ethiopia and the League did nothing to stop Hitler.
    The watchful League Of Nations.
  10. In 1936 he rebelled against the Spanish republic and the Spanish Civil War Began. Hitler and Mussolini helped him with troops, weapons and tanks.
    Francisco Franco
  11. After Mussolini and Hitler backed Franco's forces, Germany and Italy forged a close relationship, which make a formal alliance. What was the name of this alliance?
    Rome-berlin Axis.
  12. This treaty was signed by 62 countries in U.S.A and declared that war would not be used as an instrument of national policy.
    The kellogg-Briand Pact.
  13. In 1934, Roosevelt pushed this act lowered trade barriers by giving the president the power to make trade agreements with other nations and was aimed at reducing tariffs by as much as 50 percent.
    The Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act
  14. In an effort to keep the United States out of future wars, beginning in 1935, Congress passed a series of?
    Neutrality Acts.
  15. What was the first two "Neutrality Acts" that the Congress passed on?
    Outlawed arms sales or Loans to Nations at war.
  16. What was the third "Neutrality Acts" that the Congress passed on?
    It was passed in response to the fighting in Spain.
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