CSS Review

  1. What information is contained under the My Service Box on the CSS?
    Wireless Number, Rate Plan, Terms of Service, Included Minutes (plan, Mobile to mobile, and N&W minutes) and upgrade/activation fee
  2. Under the services box on the front page what star services are listed?
    • *639# check for upgrade
    • *646# check minutes
    • *3282# check for data usage
    • *225# check Balance
    • *729 to pay your bill
  3. What page of the CSS are the Voicemail instructions located?
    On the front page of the CSS on the right side of the page.
  4. What page is the account number located on in the CSS?
    It is at the top of the 3rd page.
  5. What policies are in the Our Policies box on the second page?
    30 day equipment return policy and 30 service cancelation policy.
  6. Why should we explain the CSS with every transaction?
    Explaining all the details of the transaction will allow us to keep the customer informed and helps reduce churn
  7. True or False,
    The Understanding My Next Bill has an Actual explanation of the customers next bill.
    • False,
    • There is an estimate of the changes made to the bill as a guideline and may not reflect proper taxes, any dicsounts ect....
  8. How many copies of the CSS/Contract should you print when finishing a transaction?
    2, one for your stores records and one for your customer to keep.
  9. What key items should you highlight at the end of the sale when reviewing the CSS?
    Any activation/upgrade fees, the rateplan and any additional features under the understanding my bill section.
  10. True or False,
    Capturing the customers through PDC will allow the customer to get emails of the CSS and contract.
    True, make sure you capture the customers email address when signing up a customer for new service
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