Policy and procedures

  1. What are acceptable forms of id for a customer to start an account or to show to verify the account?
    Forms of acceptable ID include: Driver's license, U.S. passport, U.S. government ID, state ID, U.S. military ID, Alien Registration Receipt Card with photo (INS Form I-151 or U-551), employment authorization document with photo
  2. True or False.
    A customer is an authorized user and is under 18 the customer is able to extend the agreement because they are authorized.
    False. The customer must be 18 or older to legally extend the contract.
  3. When a customer who activated new service with At&t returns their device and wants to cancel service what is the procedure to make certain the service is cancelled within the forst 30 days?
    National Retail Sales Associates should call AT&T Customer Care at 1.800.331.0500 to request cancellation of service and verify the equipment has been returned. Please do not select option 4 to cancel. This option will route the call to the Customer Retention Team (Save Team). Instead, select option 0, then 0, and any customer service representative will be able to process the cancellation request.
  4. If a customer is looking to transfer service on their At&t account to another party and the mobile numbers are available for upgrade can the customer uprgade right after the transfer is done or do they have to wait to upgrade the equipment?
    The customer has the option to upgrade prior to transferring the service or waiting 60 days after the transfer is completed.
  5. A customer returns an upgraded device at your store within the 30 day return period. What is the next step in the upgrade reversal process?
    Leave a message with the Halifax No-Install team at 800-985-7013 to change the contract back to the "pre-upgrade" term within three business days
  6. Which of the following actions are authorized users NOT allowed to preform?

    D) request a reprint of the bill only account holders are allowed to request a reprint of the bill.
  7. What are the two ways a customer can have their work discount applied to their at&t account?
    • 1. Go to www.wireless.att.com/discounts and fill out the information.
    • 2. Send your customer to an At&t store with their work id and the COR store can add the discount.
  8. How can you check coverage for a customer?
    http://www.wireless.att.com/coverageviewer This site allows you to search for all types of coverage data and voice.
  9. If a customer wants to port in 5 lines, how do you go about getting the 4th and 5th line approved through credit?
    Contact your At&t rep with the customers name and reference number and the rep will have the application approved for the activation.
  10. A customer wants to upgrade his wifes phone and is not authorized on the account but knows the last 4 of his wifes social do you proccess the upgrade?
    No... The correct response is to have the customer get added to the account.
  11. Are you able to change a customer from prepaid to post paid in your store?
    Yes!!!! you click the change account type in the customers prepaid account in pdc and follow the prompts!
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