B-777 Auto Flight.txt

  1. After G/A or LOC capture, what 3 ways can you disengage the A/P?
    • 1. Engage TO/GA
    • 2. Turn off F/D's and A/P.
    • 3. Above 1500' RA, reselect APP.
  2. What does an EICAS message, AUTOPILOT DISC mean?
    The A/P has been disconnected manually or automatically.
  3. THR annunciation means?
    A/T apply enough thrust to maintain vertical required by the pitch mode.
  4. THR REF means?
    A/T's apply thrust limit displayed on EICAS.
  5. At what altitude does TO/GA maintain ground track?
    5' RA
  6. How is TO/GA engaged on the ground?
    • 1. By turning on either F/D switch.
    • 2. By hitting the TO/GA switch above 80 knts.
  7. In flight, TO/GA is armed when?
    • 1. The slats are extended.
    • 2. At glideslope capture.
  8. What is the max. intercept angle for localizer capture?
  9. When does ROLLOUT arm?
    1500' RA
  10. When does ROLLOUT engage?
    2' RA
  11. LNAV engages at what height?
    50' AGL
  12. VNAV engages at what height?
    400' AGL
  13. FLARE is armed at what height?
    1500' RA
  14. FLARE is engaged at what height?
    50' RA
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B-777 Auto Flight.txt
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