Color Vocab3

  1. tone
    hue + gray
  2. home value
    a gray that corresponds to the value of a given color
  3. high key/value
    near white on the value scale
  4. middle key/value
    the middle portion of the value scale
  5. low key/value
    near black on the value scale
  6. boundaries
    the edge or line where one color meets another. often referred to as a boundary line. the line will be soft or hard according to the degree of contrast between the relative value of each color. for example, if the two values are similar, the boundary line will be soft; and if one value is dark and the other is soft, the boundary line will be hard.
  7. intensity
    refers to the brightness or dullness of a color. the more intense a color, the less it has been 'weakened' by a mixture of other colors including the neutrals, black, white and gray. may also be referred to as chroma or saturation
  8. saturation
    a term synonymous with chroma and intensity, which refers to the brightness or dullness of a color
  9. neutral
    colors lacking an obvious hue. white black gray and browns are true neutrals
  10. neutralize
    occurs when a hue has been mixed with other colors, especially white, black, gray and the complementary hue on the color wheel. the more neutralized a color, the less discernible the original hue.
  11. chroma
    a relative term describing how close a color is to its pure form. synonymous with intensity and saturation
  12. chroma scale
    an arrangement of colors that range incrementally from pure hue to neutral
  13. achromatic
    a color with no discernible hue. we often use the term gray to describe these colors
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