coms 103

  1. Basic principles
    • Don't try to talk like someone else
    • Don't give a speech without preparing
  2. prepare effecctively and efficiently for your speeches with eight steps
    • Control your stage fright
    • Select your subject
    • Gather your ideas and information
    • Organize your material
    • Plan the beginning of your speech
    • Plan the ending of your speech
    • Practice your speech
    • Present your speech
  3. Control your stage fright
    • 1. Recognize that you are not alone in suffering from stage fright.
    • 2. Realize we all appear much more confident than we feel.
    • 3. Understand that with experience, your stage fright will be reduced
    • 4. Accept the fact that your audience will be there to hear you succeed, not fail.
    • 5. Concentrate on WHAT you're to say, not on how you're to say it.
    • 6. Use an outlet for your nerves - wringing your hands, pacing, meditating, chewing gum.
    • 7. Prepare your speeches as completely as is realistic under the time you've got, the facts you have, etc.
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