Geo Bitch

  1. Perihelion
    Earth's closest position to the sun. (Jan.3)
  2. Aphelion
    Earth's farthest position from the sun. (July 4th)
  3. Solar Wind
    Clouds of electrically charged particles emitted from the sun.
  4. Sun Spots
    Caused by magnetic storms on the sun.
  5. Magnetosphere
    Deflects the solar wind towards the poles.
  6. Solar wind Effects
    Produces the remarkable auroras. (Borealis = North) (Australis = South) <Think Australia. Also can effect weather patterns.
  7. Wavelength
    distance between corresponding points on any two successive waves.
  8. The Sun emits ------
    Shorter Wavelengths
  9. Earth emits
    Longer Wavelengths
  10. Region at the top of the atmosphere.
  11. Insolation
    Radiation arriving at earth's surface.
  12. Solar Constant
    Average insolation received at earth.
  13. Subsolar point
    The only point receiving insolation perpendicular to Earth's surface.
  14. Sun's Altitude
    Angle between the horizon and the Sun.
  15. Declination
    The Latitude of the subsolar point. (think about it.)
  16. revolution
    around the sun
  17. Rotation
    On it's axis
  18. Winter solstice
    When the circle of illumination excludes the North Pole Region from sunlight, but includes the South Pole region. (Dec.21/22)
  19. Vernal Equinox (March)
    (Mar. 20/21) Circle of Illumination passes through both poles so that all locations on Earth experience a 12-hour Day and Night.
  20. Summer Solstice (June)
    Arctic Circle gets 24hours of sunlight.
  21. Autumnal Equinox (September)
    12 hour day and 12 hour night (globally)
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