1. Manifest Destiny
    the belief that it was Americas god given right to spread from sea to shining sea and expand into the western territories
  2. Texas

    Won from Mexico after the Mexican-American War and entered at boundary was set in the Compromise of 1850 in exchange for 10 million dollars to repay it war debts, north liked this because it limited the border of a slave state

  3. Mexican
    American War- Pres. Polk desires California he puts troops on disputed territory, Mexico attacks and America declares war; abolitionists against because make more slave states, US wins California and Rio Grande set southern border of the US in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo 1848
  4. Compromise of 1850
    • California becomes free state; Texas bound set at present limits; New Mexico based on pop. sovereignty; Fugitive Slave Act strengthened, slave trade abolished in DC

    • Problems- pop. sovereignty – people moved to states just to vote for or against slavery
    • Northerners required to return southern slaves (Fugitive Slave Act)

  5. Pop. Sovereignty
    policy that each state can decide for itself if it wants slavery
  6. Underground Railroad

    the network of free blacks and abolitionists that worked to help slaves escape the south and flea north

  7. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
    novel written by Harriet Stow that exposed the horrors of slavery and sparked abolitionist feeling in the north, known as the book that started the war, also spark racist feelings because it portrayed blacks as helpless uneducated people
  8. Bleeding Kansas

    tensions rise in the Nebraskan Territory over popular sovereignty in the area, violence erupts and there is even a physical fight in Congress over the issue – Senator Charles Shoomer beaten by senator Cutler (NC) with cane on senate floor, was a microcosm – a small precursor, to the civil war

  9. Kansas-Nebraska Act

    It declared that the Nebraskan territory would be separated into two staes (Kansas and Nebraska) each of which would have popular sovereignty over the issue of slavery, against Missouri Compromise because it is above 36 30 latitude

  10. Republican Party

    consisted of northern Wigs who no longer liked their party’s views, anti-slavery democrats, and Free Soilers, opposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Freemont runs for 1856 and it’s the party of Lincoln later on

  11. Lincoln

    lost to Douglas in election for senate, he is antislavery republican, president during civil war, and he passed the emancipation proclamation later on

  12. John Brown

    radical abolitionist raids Harpers Ferry arsenal (place where they store weapons) and distributes captured weapons to slaves for revolt, captured and executed, disliked by most except abolitionists

  13. The Civil War

    read notes 12.16.10

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