FMF - Chapter 125

  1. 1. What system is the MACG responsible to provide, operate and maintain?
    Marine Air Command and Control System (MACCS)
  2. 2. What is the mission of the MACG?
    Provide, operate, and maintain the MACCS
  3. 3. What is the mission of the MACG HQ?
    Coordinated all aspects of air command and control and air defense within the MAW
  4. 4. Name four of the nine tasks of the MACG HQ.
    • -1. Provide Command Element of the MACG
    • -2. Plan and coordinated the operations, maintenance, and supply of the MACCS
    • -3. Plan and coordinate air defense operations of the MAGTF
    • -4. Coordinate the deployment/employment of the MACG -5. Coordinate with other services for MAGTF air operations
    • -6. Advise the ACE commander on the MACCS
    • -7. Perform command and staff functions
    • -8. Conduct operation while in NBC/EW environment
    • -9. Maintain ability to deploy as independent units
  5. 5. What is the mission of the MTACS?
    Provides equipment, maintenance, and operations for the TACC.
  6. 6. Name four of the nine tasks of the MTACS.
    • -1. Provide command post for the ACE commander
    • -2. Assist in coordinating air operations -3. Assist in planning air operations
    • -4. Maintain TACC functions while displacing
    • -5. Conduct operations with other forces
    • -6. Assist in coordinating air operations with other services/forces
    • -7. Perform command and staff functions
    • -8. Coordinate for deployment/employment of the squadronProvide logistical/supply support for MACG HQ
  7. 7. What is the mission of the MACS?
    Air surveillance and control of aircraft and surface to air weapons, weather radar, non-radar ATC and airspace management
  8. 8. Name three of the six tasks of MACS.
    • -1. Perform command and staff functions
    • -2. Coordinate for deployment/employment of the squadron and detachments
    • -3. Provide deployable detachments for air surveillance, airspace management, and control of aircraft and missiles
    • -4. Provide deployable detachments for ATC service
    • -5. When reinforced with Theater Missile Defense (TMD), provides SAM fires
    • -6. Serve as operation point of contact between MACCS and civilian/allied ATC agencies
  9. 1. What is the mission of the MWCS?
    Provide communications for the ACE of the MEF
  10. 9. Name six of the twelve tasks of the MWCS.
    • -1. Provide command to subordinate detachments
    • -2. Assist in systems planning /engineering and install, operate, and maintain communications -3. Provide systems controls centers to coordinate communication function
    • -4. Provide calibration and repair facilities
    • 5. Provide the digital backbone communications support for the ACE
    • -6. Provide tactical automonated switching and telephone services for the ACE CE and the TACC
    • -7. Provide electronic messaging
    • -8. Provide external single channel radio and radio retransmission support
    • -9. Provide the WAN and LAN
    • -10. Provide cryptographic support
    • -11. Plan and coordinate individual and unit training
    • -12. Provide maintenance support for communications equipment
  11. 10. What is the mission of the MASS?
  12. Provides DASC (Direct Air Support Center) capabilities.
  13. 11. Name four of the seven tasks.
  14. 1. Provide planning for air support operations
    • 2. Receive, coordinate, and process request for direct air support
    • 3. Provide equipment, facilities, and personnel for operation of air support elements
    • 4. Conduct air support control
    • 5. Maintain the ability to provide continuous air support while displacing
    • 6. Provide personnel and facilities for the simultaneous operation of the DASC and DASC airborne
    • 7. Coordiante and integrate MAGTF direct air support operation with other forces/allies
  15. 12. What is the mission of LADD?
  16. Provide close-in, low altitude, surface to air weapons in defense of MAGTF assets/forces
  17. 13. Name three of the six tasks.
  18. 1. Provide for command, administrative, communications, supply, and logistical support of subordinate batteries
    • 2. Maintain capability as highly mobile vehicle and man portable SAM component
    • 3. Provide SAM weapons support for units engaged in operations
    • 4. Provide for the separate deployment of subordinate batteries
    • 5. Plan and coordinate for effective integration of LADD units within air defense system
    • 6. Provide early warning of hostile air threats
  19. 14. What is the Primary Weapon of the LAAD?
  20. Avenger
  21. 17. Secondary?
  22. M2 50 Cal; 7.62 M60E3 or M240G
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