FMF-chapter 103

  1. 1. What four of the seven elements of the Marine Corps Mission?
    • 1. Provide FMF forces in the seizure or defense of naval bases and land operations
    • 2. Provide detachments to protect naval property at naval stations and bases
    • 3. Develop doctrine, tactics, techniques, and equipment for amphibious operations
    • 4. Provide Marine forces for airborne operations
    • 5. Develop doctrine, procedures, and equipment for airborne operations
    • 6. Expand peacetime components to meet wartime needs
    • 7. Perform such other duties as the President may direct
  2. 2. What are the two parallel chains of command within the Marine Corps?
    Service and Operational
  3. 3. Give the break down both chains of command.
    Service: President-Secretary of Defense-Secretary of the Navy-Commandant of the Marine Corps

    Operational: President- Secretary of Defense-Combatant Commanders
  4. 4. What are the three operating forces within the Marine Corps? Give the purpose of each.
    • 1. (MARFOR) Marine Corps forces - organized MAGTFs employed as part of naval expeditionary, joint, or combined forces.
    • 2. (MCSF) Marine Corps security forces protect key naval installations
    • 3. (MSG) Marine security guard- guard embassies and consulates around the globe
  5. 5. Approximately how many Marines protect key naval installations and facilities around the world?
    3,400 Marines
  6. 6. How many diplomatic posts are Marines assigned to? In how many countries?
    121 posts, 115 countries
  7. 7. List four responsibilities of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.
    Responsible for the administration, discipline, internal organization, training, requirements, efficiency, and readiness of the Marine Corps.
  8. 8. What does MAGTF stand for? What is it?
    Marine Air Ground Task Force, balanced, combined arm forces with organic ground, aviation, and sustainment (logistics) elements
  9. 9. What is a MEF? What is the normal size of the ACE, GCE, and LCE components assigned to a MEF?
    Marine Expeditionary Force, a Marine Air Wing, a Marine Division, and a Marine Logistics Group (Force Service Support Group)
  10. 10. How many MEFs are there and where are they located?
    • I MEF (southern California and Arizona), II MEF (North and South Carolina),
    • III MEF(Japan and Hawaii)
  11. 11. What is a MEB? What is the normal size of the ACE, GCE, and LCE components assigned to a MEB?
    Marine Expeditionary Brigade, a Marine Aircraft Group, a reinforced infantry regiment, and a Combat Logistics Regiment (Brigade Service Support Group)
  12. 12. Who commands a MEB?
    Brigadier General
  13. 13. What is a MEU (SOC)? What is the normal size of the ACE, GCE, and LCE components assigned to a MEU (SOC)?
    Marine expeditionary unit (special operation capable), a reinforced helicopter squadron with a detachment of V/STOL aircraft, an infantry battalion reinforced with artillery, and a task organized Combat Logistics Battalion (CSSE).
  14. 14. Give four of the seven operations that a MEU (SOC) may be used for.
    • 1. Reconnaissance and surveillance
    • 2. Specialized demolitions
    • 3. Tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel (TRAP)
    • 4. Seizure/recovery of offshore energy facilities
    • 5. Seizure/recovery of selected personnel or material
    • 6. Visit, board, search, and seizure of vessels
    • 7. In-extremist hostage recovery
  15. 15. How many standing MEU (SOC)s are there?
  16. 16. What MEU(SOC)s are in 1 MEF?
    11th, 13th, and 15th
  17. 17. What MEU(SOC)s are in 2 MEF?
    22nd, 24th, and 26th
  18. 18. What MEU(SOC)s are in 3 MEF?
  19. 19. What is a SPMAGTF?
    Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force
  20. 20. What are three of the reasons to use a SPMAGTF.
    • 1. Disaster relief
    • 2. Humanitarian assistance
    • 3. Noncombatant Evacuation Operations ( NEO)
    • 4. Security operations
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