FMF- Chapter 102

  1. 1. What date was the Marine Corps establish? By whom? Where?
    10 Nov 1775, Capt Samuel Nicholas, Tun Tavern in Philadelphia
  2. 2. What year did the first Marine landing take place? During which war? Where? What was special about the Marines’ uniform?
    1776, Revolutionary War, had a stiff leather stock around the neck “Leatherneck
  3. 3. What happened in 1805?
    Marines stormed Barbary pirates’ stronghold at Burma on the “Shores of Tripoli” and raised the Stars and Stripes for the first time in the Eastern Hemisphere
  4. 4. What year and during which war did the Marines occupy the “Halls of Montezuma”?
  5. 5. What happened in 1859? Who was involved?
    Army Col Robert E. Lee led Marines in the suppression of a slave revolt led by abolitionist John Brown
  6. 6. In what year was the EGA adopted? Who designed it?
    1868, Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin, 7th Commandant
  7. 7. What is the official motto of the Marine Corps? What does it mean and in what year was it adopted?
    Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful, 1883
  8. 8. What happened in 1900? Where did it occur?
    Marines helped protect the Legation Quarter during the Boxer Rebellion in Peking, China
  9. 9. What year was MC aviation established and who was the first pilot?
    1913, Major Alfred A. Cunnigham
  10. 10. What happened in 1917? What award is still worn and by whom?
    Marines landed in France and participated in eight distinct operations, the French Fourragers, 5th and 6th Marines
  11. 11. What year was the MC reorganized into the Fleet Marine Force? What else was established that year?
    1933, Marine Corps Equipment Board at Quantico, Virginia
  12. 12. What year and where did the Marines land committing themselves to the longest war in Marine Corps history? Where else did they land that year and why?
    1965 in South Vietnam, Dominican Republic to evacuate and protect U.S. citizens
  13. 13. What year and where were the Marines deployed as part of a multinational peacekeeping force in an effort to restore peace and order to a war torn country? What year and month did they withdrawal?
    1982 in Lebanon, July 1984
  14. 14. What day/year and where did a suicide truck bomb attack a MC headquarters? How many where killed? Wounded?
    23 Oct 1983, 241 killed, 70 wounded
  15. 15. What happened in 1991? Who was the enemy? Who were we protecting?
    Operation Desert Storm, Iraqi forces, Kuwait
  16. 16. What battle was fought in France during World War I? What is the name of the area today? What was the name given to the Marines and who gave it to them?
    Battle of Bellau Wood, The Woods of the Brigade of Marines, Teufelhunden(Devil Dogs), German troops
  17. 17. What battle marked the first combat test of the MC’s new amphibious doctrine? What was the date of the landing? What war was this during?
    The Battle of Guadalcanal, 07 Aug 1942, World War 2
  18. 18. What did the Japanese claim prior to the Battle of Tarawa? How long did it take the Marines to take the island? What was a factor that affected the landing of the Marines?
    It would take one million Americans 100 years to the conquer it, 76hrs, extended reef forced Marines to be offloaded hundreds of yards from shore
  19. 19. What was the reason that the Mariana Islands were invaded? What were the three islands?
    The need for advanced bases/airfields, Saipan/Guam/Tinian
  20. 20. In what battle was the greatest number of troops in the field up to that time under Marine command? How many troops was it? Who was in command?
    The Battle of Mariana Islands, 136,000, Lieutenant General Holland M. Smith
  21. 21. What was the bloodiest battle in Marine Corps’ history? How many casualties did they sustain?
    Iwo Jima; 23,300
  22. 22. What was the largest all Maine battle in history? What was the date it started? What did Admiral Chester W. Nimitz have to say of the battles participants?
    Iwo Jima, 19 Feb 1945, Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue
  23. 23. What year and where did the Battle of Chosin Reservoir take place? How many units were sent to eliminate the Marines? What was significant about the Marines retrograde?
    1950 in North Korea, 10 divisions, the Marines smashed seven enemy divisions and brought out all operable equipment and casualties while maintaining tactical integrity
  24. 24. During what holiday and in what month and year was the Battle of Hue City? What type of fighting took place and on what day was the city secured?
    Vietnamese holiday of Tet in January of 1968, house to house, 25 Feb 1968
  25. 25. Who is the “Grand Old Man of the Marine Corps” and how long was he commandant? What year did he become commandant?
    Brigadier General Archibald Henderson, 39 years, 1820
  26. 26. Who won a Medal of Honor for semaphoring for lift of naval bombardment? Where did he do this?
    Sergeant Major John Quick, Cuzco Well(Guantanamo Bay, Cuba)
  27. 27. Who was Dan Daly and when and where was he recognized?
    Recipient of two Medals of Honor, Chinese Boxer Rebellion and Fist Caco War in Haiti
  28. 28. Who is known for saying “Come on you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?” What battle was this said during?
    Sergeant Major Dan Daly
  29. 29. Who was known as the “Tiger of the Mountains”? Where did he earn this title? How does the Marine Corps recognize him today?
    Lieutenant Louis B. “Chesty” Puller, the Marine Corps mascot is an English bulldog named “Chesty”
  30. 30. Who was Gregory R. “Pappy” Boyington? What was he in charge of and during which war?
    Marine Corps aviator, VMH-214 “Black Sheep” during World War 2
  31. 31. Who was the Marine Corps’ top flying ace in 1945? How many kills did he have?
    Major Boyington, 28 kills
  32. 32. Who was the Pima Indian who fought on Iwo Jima? What is he remembered for? Where specifically on Iwo Island did his noted action take place? What was the date?
    Cpl Ira H. Hayes, being part of the photographed second flag raising, Mt Suribachi, 23 Feb 1945
  33. 33. Who was the Marine Corps’ first enlisted woman? When did she join? What were the two unofficial names for female Marines?
    Pvt Opha Mae Johnson, 13 Aug 1918, Skirt Marines and Marinettes
  34. 34. Who was the Marine Corps’ first female general officer? When? What post did she hold from 1973-1977 as a Colonel?
    Brigadier General Margaret A. Brewer, 11 May 1978, Director of Women Marines
  35. 35. How close/far away do you begin your salute?
    6 paces/no more than 30 paces
  36. 36. Who begins their salute first? Who drops their salute first?
    the junior officer or enlisted member, the senior officer
  37. 37. If your group is in formation, who salutes?
    the senior person calls formation to attention and salutes for the group
  38. 38. If your group is not in formation, who salutes?
    the first person that sees the officer can call the group to attention and salute for the group or the entire group can salute
  39. 39. Name four times when you would not render a salute?
    Indoors, as a prisoner or guarding prisoners, under battle conditions, in ranks/working details, crowded gathering(unless addressed or addressing an officer), when blouse is unbuttoned, while smoking, and when doing so would interfere with ability to perform your duty or create a hazard
  40. 40. What do you do if you hear the national anthem and you are in uniform outside and wearing your cover? Uncovered?
    Turn toward the music/flag and salute until the music sounds ”Carry On”, Stand at attention toward the music/flag until the music sounds “Carry On
  41. 41. What is the procedure for boarding a ship between the hours of 0800 and sunset?
    Face aft, salute the National Ensign, salute the Officer of the Deck, Request permission to come aboard
  42. 42. What is the procedure for departing a ship between 0800 and sunset?
    Salute the Officer of the Deck and request permission to go ashore, turn aft and salute the Ensign
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