SS deffintions2

  1. Polis
    the greek word for a city-states
  2. Classical Age
    is one that is marked by great achievements
  3. Acropolis
    high hill
  4. Democracy
    a type of goverment in which people rule them
  5. Aristocrates
    rich landowners
  6. Oligarchy
    a government in which only a few people have power
  7. Citzen
    people who had the right to participate in government
  8. Tyrant
    leader who held power through the use of force
  9. Pericles
    he led the government from about 460 to 429bc, he encouraged Atheniaans to take pride in there country
  10. Cyrus the Great
    persian empire, he created the Persin Empire by conquering most of Asia
  11. Xerxes 1
    darius son, tried to conquer greece
  12. Alliance
    an agreementto work together
  13. Pelopnesian War
    war between Athens and Sparta thatthreatened to tear all of Greece apart
  14. Athens and Sparta
    were both part of ancient greece, they were two independent city-states
  15. freemen
    were the male citzens of Athens
  16. Aristocrats
    were wealthy men who owned property
  17. Thetes
    were craftsman and men who did manual labor
  18. Oligarchy
    a government that is led by a few people
  19. Helok
    spartan slaves
  20. Delian League
    was a group of many greek city-states including thesssaly a thrace. the delian league was originally formed to fight the Persian Army when they invaded athens in 460
  21. Thucydides
    was a general in the Athenian army
  22. Peloponnesus League
    greek city who allied with sparta. They included coninth and macedonia
  23. Philip 2
    king of macedonia alexander the greats father
  24. Phalanx
    was a group of warriors who stood close together in square
  25. Alexander the Great
    macedoian ruler was a millitary commander the son of philip 2
  26. Hellenistic
    greek-like culture
  27. Socrates
    thinker greek philosophere
  28. Plato
    Greek philosopher student of socrates wrote the republic
  29. Aristole
    platos student,thinker,and philosopher
  30. Reason
    clear and ordered thinker
  31. Euclid
    studied mathematics
  32. Hippocrates
    a doctor and tried to find diseases
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