Vocabulary 3

  1. Strain
    (n) The descendants of a common ancestor. Trace. Ancestry.

    • Ex= the destruction of strains of bacteria.
    • Syn= family, descent, species.
  2. Vigor
    (n) Active strength.

    Ex= even at her old age, my grandmother has an enviable vigor.
  3. Corroborated
    (v) To confirm.

    • Ex= the concurrences of all, corroborates the same truth.
    • Syn= verify.
    • Ant= deny.
  4. Feebleness
    The state of being weak in health of body (especially from old age).

    • Ex= her feebleness led her to a nursing home.
    • Syn=debility
    • Ant= vigor
  5. Dashed
    (v) To frustrate.

    • Ex= her pesimism has dashed my hopes to change her.
    • Syn= blighted, crushed.
  6. Proliferation
    (n) Rapid and often excessive spread or increase.

    Ex= The proliferation of drug-resistant viruses has dashed the scientist.
  7. Blighted
    (v) To ruin.

    • Ex= The proliferation of drug-resistant viruses has blighted the scientists' hopes that permanent vistories againts many diseases have been achieved.
    • Syn= dashed, crushed.
  8. Disputed
    (v) To engage in argument.

    • Ex= after the campaign failure, the candidate's crew has disputed a more effective way to reach the population.
    • Syn= argue, discuss
  9. The ------- of drug-resistant strains of bacteria and viruses has ------- researchers’ hopes that permanent victories against many diseases have been achieved.

    B. proliferation . . blighted
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