Alice in wonderland monologues

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    • Ah!
    • That accounts for it! He won't stand for beating! Now, if you had only
    • kept on good terms with him, For instance, suppose it were nine o'
    • clock in the morning, just time to begin lessons. You would only have
    • to whisper a hint to Time, and round goes the clock in a twinkling!
    • Half past six and time for dinner!
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    • There is such a nice dog near our house that I would love for you to meet. A
    • bright terrier, you know, with long, curly brown hair. He
    • fetches the things you throw , and begs for his dinner , and does all
    • sorts of tricks - I cannot remember them all. He belongs to a farmer
    • who says The dog is worth his weight in gold because he kills all the
    • rats that...... Oh, no! I am sorry! I have quite offended you again!
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    • In that direction lives the Hatter, and in that direction lives the
    • March Hare. Visit either they are both mad. Cause we are all mad here
    • you can't help it. Even you are mad. If you weren't you would have
    • never come here.
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Alice in wonderland monologues
The monologues for the 2010 alice in wonderland auditions