1. Uterus
    Hollow pear shaped organ between bladder and rectum

    Contains fundus and body
  2. Uterine wall layers:
    Peritoneum – outside

    Myometrium – middle

    Endometrium – inner
  3. Round ligaments
    Lateral attachment to the wall
  4. Ovarian ligaments
    Suspend ovaries to uterus
  5. Broad ligaments
    Folds of tissue that join over uterus
  6. Cardinal ligaments
    AKA Mackendrots

    Anterolateral support of distal uterus

    Contains uterine artery
  7. Uterosacral ligaments
    Support for posterolateral uterus and cervix to rectum
  8. Fallopian tubes
    Transmit eggs from ovaries to uterus
  9. Fimbriae
    Finger-like projections that entice the egg into tube
  10. Ovaries
    Glands that produce eggs
  11. IP Ligament
    Infundibulopelvic ligaments

    Suspend ovary to wall

    Contain ovarian artery
  12. Vagina
    Extends from uterus to external opening
  13. Perineum
    Region between vagina/anus or scrotum/anus
  14. Vaginal cuff
    Portion of vagina surrounding cervix
  15. Pelvic peritoneum
    Peritoneum that is draped over all pelvic organs
  16. Posterior cul-de-sac
    Pouch between anterior wall of rectum and posterior wall of uterus
  17. Anterior cul-de-sac
    Pouch between anterior wall of uterus and posterior wall of bladder
  18. Adnexa
    Broad, ovarian, round ligaments, fallopian tube
  19. Fibroids
    Benign fibrous tumors of uterus
  20. Ectopic pregnancy
    Pregnancy outside uterus
  21. Uterine prolapse
    Relaxation of ligaments of uterus causing uterus to extend into vagina
  22. Ovarian cyst
    Sac of fluid on the ovary
  23. Bladder flap
    Fold of peritoneum that is incised so one can separate bladder from uterus.
  24. Morcellation
    Taking solid tissue into pieces and removing it
  25. Myoma
    Tumor made up of muscular elements in myometrium.
  26. Granulation tissue formation
    Post-op complication following vaginal hystero that can cause bleeding.
  27. Peritonealize
    Peritoneum is closed over bladder, vagina and rectum
  28. Endometriosis
    Endometrial cells outside the uterus
  29. TAH
    Total Abdominal Hysterectomy

    Resection of uterus through abdominal incision
  30. TAHBSO
    Total Abdominal Hysterectomy
  31. Vaginal Hysterectomy
    Resection of uterus through vagina
  32. Salpingectomy
    Resection of fallopian tube
  33. Oophorectomy
    Resection of ovary
  34. Salpingo-oophorectomy
    Resection of a tube and an ovary
  35. Myomectomy
    Excision of a muscle tumor of the uterus through a hysterectomy
  36. Tubal ligation
    Ligation and division of fallopian tubes

    Female sterilization
  37. C-Section
    Delivery of fetus through abdominal incision and hysterotomy
  38. Laparoscopy
    Visualization via optical instrument in abdomen/pelvic cavity
  39. LAVH
    Laproscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy

    Most common method
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