Color Vocab

  1. light
    the luminous energy radiating form a source such as the sun or a light bulb which gives rise to a color
  2. electromagnetic spectrum
    encompasses the range of all possible electromagnetic frequencies including radio waves, microwaves, infrared, gamma, visible spectrum, ultraviolet rays, xrays, gamma rays, etc
  3. visible spectrum
    the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum seen by the human eye. it typically consists of wavelengths ranging from approximately 380-760 nanometers
  4. roygbiv
    a mnemonic for the sequence of hues in the visible spectrum, in order from longest to shortest wavelength red 700nm, violet 400nm
  5. additive color mixing
    the systems of color that concerns the emission of light. they mixing of colored lights produces mixtures of higher key values towards white light
  6. subtractive color mixing
    the system of color that concerns pigments, dyes, inks and other substances that present color to the eye by reflection rather than emission. the mixing of colored pigments produces mixtures of lower key values towards black pigment
  7. color
    describes an elements appearance based on a combination of its hue, value and intensity
  8. hue
    refers to the identity of a color. yellow, orange, red, violet, blue green or a combo
  9. color bias
    a color that leans towards another color, ultramarine blue is a blue with a violet base
  10. warm color
    colors whose relative visual temp give them a general psychological association with warmth. they appear to advance in space and generally include red-violet, red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, and yellow
  11. cool color
    colors whose relative visual temp give them a general psychological association with coolness. they appear to recede in space and generally include green, blue-gree blue, blue-violet and yellow
  12. color wheel
    any of various attempts to illustrate color relationships as positions on a wheel
  13. primary colors
    colors that cannot be created by mixing other colors. subtractive primaries are red, blue and yellow, additive primaries are red green and blue
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