lessons 7,8,9

  1. exalt
    • verb- to raise in rank, character, or statue; to elevate
    • verb- to glorify, to praise, or to honor
  2. exhort
    verb- to urge by strong, often stirring argument, advice, or appeal
  3. garrulous
    adj- wordy and rambling
  4. gist
    noun- the central idea; the essence
  5. histrionic
    adj- excessively dramatic or emotional; affected
  6. laconic
    adj- terse or concise
  7. peremptory
    • adj- putting an end to all debate or action; not allowing contradiction or refusal
    • adj- offensively self-assured; dictatorial
  8. polemic
    • noun- a controversial argument, especially about an opinion or doctrine
    • adj- relating to a controversy or argument
  9. vivacious
    adj- full of animation and spirit; lively
  10. vociferous
    adj- marked by noisy, forceful, or intense outcries
  11. bedlam
    noun- a place of noisy uproar and confusion
  12. bowdlerize
    • verb- to censor prudishly
    • verb- to modify or abridge, as by shortening, simplifying, or skewing content
  13. chauvinism
    • noun- a prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind
    • noun- fanatical patriotism; the glorification of one's country
  14. draconian
    adj- exceedingly harsh; very severe
  15. martinet
    • noun- a rigid military disciplinarian
    • noun- one who demands absolute adherence to forms and rules
  16. maudlin
    adj- effusively or tearfully sentimental; overly emotional
  17. mesmerize
    • verb- to spellbind; to enthrall
    • verb- to hypnotize
  18. silhouette
    • noun- a drawing consisting of the outline of something ( a human profile ) filled in with a solid color
    • noun- an outline that appears dark against a light background
    • verb- to cause to be seen as a silhouette; to outline
  19. stentorian
    adj- extremely loud
  20. titanic
    adj- a family of mythological giants
  21. axiomatic
    adj- self-evident; based on a universally accepted principle or rule
  22. definitive
    • adj- precisely described, defined, or characterized; explicit
    • adj- conclusive; decisive; providing a final settlement
    • adj- authoritative and complete
  23. dialectic
    noun- the practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of opposing logical arguments
  24. empirical
    adj- relying on or derived from observation or experiment
  25. presuppose
    • verb- to believe or assume in advance; to presume; to take for granted
    • verb- to require or involve necessarily as a preexisting condition
  26. rationalize
    • verb- to devise self-satisfying but incorrect reasons for behavior
    • verb- to make rational or to interpret from a logical, reasonable standpoint
  27. rebuttal
    noun- opposing evidence or arguments or the presentation of those arguments; a refutation
  28. repudiate
    verb- to reject the truth, the authority, or the validity of
  29. tenuous
    adj- having little strength or substance; flimsy
  30. verifiable
    adj- able to be proved true by presentation of evidence or testimony
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lessons 7,8,9
lessons 7,8,9