lesson 9

  1. exalt
    • verb- to raise in rank, character, or statue; to elevate
    • verb- to glorify, to praise, or to honor
  2. exhort
    verb- to urge by strong, often stirring argument, advice, or appeal
  3. garrulous
    adj- wordy and rambling
  4. gist
    noun- the central idea; the essence
  5. histrionic
    adj- excessively dramatic or emotional; affected
  6. laconic
    adj- terse or concise
  7. peremptory
    • adj- putting an end to all debate or action; not allowing contradiction or refusal
    • adj- offensively self-assured; dictatorial
  8. polemic
    • noun- a controversial argument, especially about an opinion or doctrine
    • adj- relating to a controversy or argument
  9. vivacious
    adj- full of animation and spirit; lively
  10. vociferous
    adj- marked by noisy, forceful, or intense outcries
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lesson 9
lesson 9