Lesson 7

  1. axiomatic
    adj- self-evident; based on a universally accepted principle or rule
  2. definitive
    • adj- precisely described, defined, or characterized; explicit
    • adj- conclusive; decisive; providing a final settlement
    • adj- authoritative and complete
  3. dialectic
    noun- the practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of opposing logical arguments
  4. empirical
    adj- relying on or derived from observation or experiment
  5. presuppose
    • verb- to believe or assume in advance; to presume; to take for granted
    • verb- to require or involve necessarily as a preexisting condition
  6. rationalize
    • verb- to devise self-satisfying but incorrect reasons for behavior
    • verb- to make rational or to interpret from a logical, reasonable standpoint
  7. rebuttal
    noun- opposing evidence or arguments or the presentation of those arguments; a refutation
  8. repudiate
    verb- to reject the truth, the authority, or the validity of
  9. tenuous
    adj- having little strength or substance; flimsy
  10. verifiable
    adj- able to be proved true by presentation of evidence or testimony
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Lesson 7
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