Lesson 15

  1. aberrant
    adjective- deviating from the proper or expected course; abnormal
  2. anomaly
    noun- a departure from the normal or ordinary form, order, or rule
  3. eccentricity
    noun- the quality of straying from what is conventional or customary; a deviation from the normal, expected, or established
  4. endemic
    adjective- common in or unique to a certain location or population
  5. incongruous
    • adjective- lacking in harmony; incompatible
    • adjective- not in agreement; inconsistent
    • adjective- not keeping with what is proper, logical, or correct
  6. mundane
    adjective- commonplace; ordinary
  7. outlandish
    adjective- strikingly bizarre or unfamiliar
  8. paragon
    noun- a model of perfection or excellence of a kind; an unparalleled example
  9. ubiquitous
    adjective- being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time
  10. unwonted
    adjective- not habitual or ordinary; unusual
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Lesson 15
Lesson 15