Atlanta Commercial Carriers' Characteristics

  1. Where does American park?
    Ramp 1
  2. What is American's FPS code?
  3. What is American's paint scheme?
    Metalic silver with blue, white and red stripes.
  4. What does American's fleet comprise of?
    All Boeing fleet, dominted by MD-80s.
  5. Does American get PDCs?
  6. What airline is AAL?
  7. Where does American Eagle park?
    Ramp 1
  8. What is American Eagle ("Eagle Flight") FPS code?
  9. What is American Eagle's paint scheme?
    Same as American: Metallic silver with blue, white, and red stripes.
  10. What does American Eagle's fleet comprise of?
    Dominately Embraiers, with a few RJs, and ATRs. However, the ATRs do not fly out of ATL.
  11. Does American Eagle get PDCs?
  12. What airline is EGF?
    American Eagle ("Eagle Flight")
  13. Who does American Eagle fly for?
  14. Where does United park?
    Ramp 1
  15. What is United's FPS code?
  16. What is United's paint scheme?
    Grey or white top, dark blue bottom.
  17. What does United's fleet comprise of?
    Dominately Boeing, with a few A319s/A320s.
  18. Does United get PDCs?
  19. What airline is UAL?
  20. Where does Air Shuttle park with 7000 flight numbers?
    Ramp 1
  21. What is Air Shuttle's FPS code?
  22. What is Air Shuttle's paint scheme when flying for United?
    White tops; progressing blue bottoms, and a grey "U" on the tail.
  23. What does Air Shuttle's fleet comprise of when flying for United?
    Only CRJ-700s.
  24. Does Air Shuttle get PDCs, regardless of who they are flying for?
  25. What airline is ASH7xxx?
    Mesa Airlines ("Air Shuttle") flying for United.
  26. Where does Air Tran park?
    Ramps 3, 4, 5, and 6N.
  27. What is Air Tran's FPS code?
    TRS ("Citrus")
  28. What is Air Tran's paint scheme?
    White tops, green bottoms, green tail with a lower-case, white "a".
  29. What does Air Tran's fleet comprise of?
    Strictly Boeing 717s and 737s.
  30. Does Air Tran get PDCs?
    Yes, but no gate numbers.
  31. What airline is TRS ("Citrus")?
    Air Tran
  32. Where does Continental park?
    Ramp 4
  33. What is Continental's FPS code?
  34. What is Continental's paint scheme?
    White fuselage, blue tail, with gold wire-frame globe.
  35. What does Continental's fleet comprise of?
    Strictly Boeing fleet.
  36. Does Continental get PDCs?
  37. What airline is COA?
  38. Where does Jazz park?
    Ramp 5
  39. What is Jazz's FPS code?
  40. What is Jazz's paint scheme?
    White fuselage with fancy "Jazz" scripted across in either yellow or green.
  41. What does Jazz's fleet comprise of?
    Out of Atlanta, just RJs.
  42. Does Jazz get PDCs?
  43. What airline is JZA?
  44. Who does Jazz fly for?
    Air Canada
  45. Where does U.S. Airways park?
    Ramp 5
  46. What is U.S. Airways' FPS code?
    AWE ("Cactus") (was once named, America West Airlines)
  47. What is U.S. Airways' paint scheme?
    Dark navy blue top, grey bottom. Dark navy blue tail with grey striped flag.
  48. What does U.S. Airways' fleet comprise of?
    Out of Atlanta, almost always an A319 or A320.
  49. Does U.S. Airways get PDCs?
  50. What airline is AWE ("Cactus")?
    U.S. Airways
  51. Where does Air Shuttle with 2000 flight numbers park?
    Ramp 5
  52. What is Air Shuttle's paint scheme when flying for U.S. Airways?
    Same as U.S. Airways' mainstream fleet.
  53. What does Air Shuttle's fleet comprise of when flying for U.S. Airways?
    Only CRJ-900s.
  54. Who does Air Shuttle fly for with 2000 flight numbers?
    U.S. Airways.
  55. Where does "Blue Streak" (PSA Airlines) park?
    Ramp 5
  56. What is Blue Streak's (PSA Airlines) FPS code?
  57. What is Blue Streak's (PSA Airlines) paint scheme?
    Same as U.S. Airways since that's who they fly for.
  58. What is Blue Streak's (PSA Airlines) fleet comprised of?
    Out of Atlanta and flying for U.S. Airways, Unknown.
  59. Who does Blue Streak (PSA Airlines) "JIA" fly for?
    U.S. Airways.
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