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  1. Type of cable & connector used by 100BaseFX?
    Multimode fiber w/ ST or SC Connectors
  2. Big physical difference b/w 1000BaseSX & 100BaseFX?
    1000BaseSX uses SC connector only
  3. Max distance for 1000BaseLX w/o repeaters
    5 km
  4. 100BaseFX
    Fiber-optic. 100Mbps. 2km. Multi-mode cabling w ST & SC connectors.
  5. 1000BaseT
    Rq CAT5e cabling. 1Gbps. 100m. IEEE 802.3ab
  6. 1000BaseX
    802.3z. 3 stds: 1) 1000BaseCX 2) 1000BaseSX 3) 1000BaseLX
  7. 1000BaseCX
    802.3z. Copper twinaxial. 25m. Unpopular
  8. 1000BaseSX
    802.3z. Multi-mode fiber w/ LED. 220-500m. Most common.
  9. 1000BaseLX
    802.3z. Single-mode fiber. 5km.
  10. 10GBaseSR
    10G. Ethernet signaling. Short wavelength (850nm). Multimode. 26-300m.
  11. 10GBaseLR
    10G. Ethernet signaling. Long wavelength (1310nm). Single mode. 10km.
  12. 10GBaseER
    10G. Ethernet signaling. Extra long wavelength (1550nm). Single mode. 40km.
  13. 10GBaseSW
    10G. WAN signaling. Short wavelength (850nm). Multimode. 26-300m.
  14. 10GBaseLW
    10G. WAN signaling. Long wavelength (1310nm). Singlemode. 10km.
  15. 10GBaseEW
    10G. WAN signaling. Extra long wavelength (1550 nm). Singlemode. 40km.
  16. 10GBaseT
    10GB copper. Rq CAT6 (55m) or 6a (100m).
  17. Class A
    1-126. Private IP range: 10.x.x.x
  18. Class B
    128-191. Private IP range: 172.16.x.x to 172.31.x.x
  19. Class C
    192-223. Private IP: 192.168.x.x
  20. Class D
    224-239. Multicast.
  21. Class E
    240-255. Reserved.
  22. Max # of hosts in a subnet?
  23. Why use a WINS server?
    To reduce overhead from broadcast of NetBIOS names & enable NetBIOS name resolution across servers. Only really applies to old Win 9x & some Win2K systems. Setup WINS proxy on non-server side of router.
  24. Cmd to check current NetBIOS name cache?
    nbtstat -c
  25. Cmd to see if other NetBIOS systems are visible?
    net view
  26. RC4
    Stream cipher
  27. In PKI encryption which key encrypts data?
  28. Required to have PKI
    Root Authority
  29. Ports used by RADIUS?
    UDP 1812 & 1813 or UDP 1645 & 1646.
  30. /16 prefix for 6to4 addresses?
  31. Describe Teredo
    MS's NAT traversing IPv6 tunneling protocol. Not very popular but built into Windows. Addresses start w/ 2001:0000:/32
  32. Speed of original 802.11 spec
  33. Advantages of WPA over WEP?
    End to end data pkt encryption. EAP user authentication. & Encryption Key integrity checking
  34. Server that supports EAP encrypted passwords in accord w/ 802.1X std?
    RADIUS server
  35. Omni antennas work best where?
  36. 2 Aspects of IPSec?
    It encapsulates (& encrypts) the entire data payload and is required for IPv6.
  37. # of connections in a fully meshed network?
  38. Speed of T3 Network?
  39. APIPA addresses?
  40. Small co needs to temporarily extend office to 400 ft (122m) away. Most cost effective sol'n?
    Use a wireless repeater & a WAP.
  41. End wifi user able to access net but none of network resources. Most likely cause?
    Connected to wrong network.
  42. Mitigation technique most effective against man in the middle attacks?
    Authentication (not encryption)
  43. 802.11n fxns on OSI layers ___
    2 & 1
  44. A media converter is AKA
    a transceiver
  45. Most likely complication from bundling ethernet cables tightly?
  46. Best practice when setting up a basic wireless network?
    Disabling ESSID broadcast
  47. Type of network cable least succeptible to EMI?
    Ranking (least to most): fiber
  48. Protocol that uses TCP port 143?
  49. VLANs occur at what layer of OSI?
  50. Best explanation of layer 4 fxn?
    Reliable delivery of packets
  51. Which WAN tech allows for fastest conxn? T1. SONET. OC-12. ASDL
  52. Metric used by OSPF?
  53. Cmd to see what process is attached to a TCP port?
    netstat -nav (Unable to confirm the V flag. It is not -nap)
  54. Tool to use to determine which wire pair on a 100 block connects to jack in next room?
  55. What's sent to SNMP NMS in case of failure or threshhold breach?
    SNMP trap
  56. Typical SONET topology
  57. Mobile user gets new patch cable & is unable to connect to network. Admin verifies port settings & drop is active. Most likely cause? Crosstalk on cable. Speed mismatch. Duplex mismatch. Open pairs.
    Duplex mismatch
  58. 2 Clients comm. using RJ-45 & CAT 5e. 1 PC sends on pins 1 & 2. What pins will the other expect to receive on?
    3 & 6.
  59. Admin would like to see who's using P2P most. Tool BEST used?
    Packet sniffer (NOT Stateful Packet Inspection. That's more a firewall security fxn)
  60. IPSec Port
  61. Best tool when terminating a jack?
    Punchdown tool (not snips or cable stripper)
  62. TCP Port 25
    Used by SMTP (SMTP used for clients or mail servers to send mail to mail servers)
  63. Application layer firewall most beneficial when used w/ ___
    SNMP (not HTTP)
  64. UDP Port 67
  65. DNS Port
    TCP & UDP 53
  66. HTTPS Port
    TCP 443
  67. SSH Port
    TCP 22
  68. POP3 Port
    TCP 110
  69. NTP Port
    UDP 123
  70. SNMP Port
    UDP 161
  71. TIA/EIA 568A & B Pin out
    Image Upload 1
  72. Sending Pins/Receiving pins on RJ45
    Send on pins 1 & 2. Receive on pins 3 & 6.
  73. User unable to get to file share on LAN. What's next step for user to get onto LAN?
    1) Un-re-plug network cable.
    2) Reboot core router
    3) Have user run netstat
    4) Have user ping default gateway
    3) Have user run netstat
  74. Which tool would admin use to determine which RJ-45 Jack in a cubicle corresponds to a given RJ-45 in a patch panel?
    1) Spectrum analyzer
    2) Multimeter
    3) Punch-down tool
    4) Toner probe
    2) Multimeter
  75. Co needs Stateful Packet Inspection. Device best suited?
  76. Tool to use when terminating new CAT5 cabling at a patch panel?
    1) Multimeter
    2) Cable crimper
    3) Toner probe
    4) Punch down tool
    2) Cable crimper
  77. Faulty 1000BaseT NIC replaced w/ new 1000BaseFX on server switch. Next step?
    1) Update wiring schematics
    2) Update switch config logs
    3) Reboot switch to enable new conxn
    4) Update logical network diagram
    1) Update wiring schematics
  78. Private AS # useful in which situation?
    1) Enterprise network w/o redundant links
    2) Isolated network a a single site
    3) Internet multihoming w/ all ISPs in same BGP area
    4) Internet multihoming w multiple carriers
    Internet multihoming w/ all ISPs in the same BGP area
  79. Tech would have to set up what for a building to building?
    1) MDF
    2) EMI
    3) IDF
    4) ESD?
  80. Steps of troubleshooting technique
    • 1) Information gathering; identifying problems & solutions
    • 2) Identify the affected areas of the network
    • 3) Determine if anything has changed
    • 4) Establish the most probable causes
    • 5) Determine if escalation is necessary
    • 6) Create an action plan & solution identifying potential fx
    • 7) Implement & test the solution
    • 8) Identify the results & fx of the solution
    • 9) Document the solution & the entire process.
  81. After allowing pkt on port 80, firewall automatically allows reply to pass. Example of __
    Stateful inspection
  82. Speed of OC-1
    51.85 Mbps
  83. Speed of OC-3
    149.76 Mbps
  84. Speed of OC-768
    39.82 Gbps
  85. Max # of available segments on a 10BaseT network?
  86. Reserved set of IP addresses in DHCP scope is commonly assigned to:
    Servers, printers, etc.
  87. Network closet is on 1st flr. Telco put comm line in basement. What needs to be extended to connect the line to the networking closet?
    a) Demarc point
    b) Router
    c) Smart jack
    d) patch panel
    Patch panel
  88. What change management doc would be used to config new router's ACL for a new network?
    Network procedures & configurations
  89. @ New wireless install, tech has successfully tested & installed equipment. Next step after turning on wireless access is:
    a) war drive to test for vulnerabilities
    b) Config DHCP server
    c) Document physical layout
    d) Configure wireless adapters
    Document physical layout
  90. Which is used when creating an ACL? a) IP Filtering b) VPNs c) Content filtering d) PPPs
    IP Filtering
  91. Cmd to see all established TCP conxns on port 80?
    netstat -p tcp
  92. Which of these replaces the destination IP address of a packet?
    a) SNAT
    b) NAT
    c) DNS
    d) DHCP
  93. Gaming device having trouble accessing wireless network. Most likely cause?
    a) Device doesn't support 802.1p.
    b) WPA2 not supported by device
    c) Broadcast prevention enabled on switch
    d) PoE is not enabled over wireless.
    WPA2 not supported
  94. Among 10Base__ technologies, which has the greatest throughput?
  95. What doc says rq'd distance between each LAN drop?
    Wiring schematic
  96. IPv6 address for localhost?
  97. WAN technology that uses 53 byte fixed-length cells?
    ATM. Used by most SONET rings.
  98. Which is used to terminate a T1 connection?
    a) Smartjack
    b) Patch panel
    c) 66 Block
    d) 110 Block
  99. Define late collision
    Collision that occurs after the first 64 bytes of a frame has transmitted.
  100. Into what component will POTS lines most likely be terminated?
    a) hub
    b) switch
    c) patch panel
    d) 110 block
    110 block
  101. 2 PCs connected to a switch w/ 2 VLANs. Each PC is on a different VLAN. What's needed to be connected to the switch to allow the 2 PCs to talk?
    a) media converter
    b) router
    c) proxy server
    d) bridge
  102. Which protects indiv PCs from malicious software?
    a) NIPS
    b) Network based firewalls
    c) Host based firewalls
    d) HIDS
    Host based firewalls
  103. How many pins are on an RJ-11 connector?
  104. Which authenticates a pair of persons w/ a key pair?
    a) EAP
    b) PKI
    c) RADIUS
    d) CHAP
  105. Which two use a ring topology?
    a) E1
    b) Frame relay
    c) FDDI
    d) ATM
    e) SONET
  106. Which of these is MOST likely to allow an admin to update a router config w/o being prompted for user credentials?

    A) RCP & e) TFTP
  107. Describe PoE
    802.3af & 802.3at std to deliver DC power over CAT5 cables
  108. Which is essential in a firewall when securing VoIP traffic b/w remote hosts?

    D) Application layer filtering
  109. What allows for the redundancy of a data port?

    D) Aggregation
  110. Ethernet hubs & switches both operate at what OSI layer?
    Layer 2
  111. When would a tech need a punch down tool to end a cable?

    A) Connect a patch cable to a wall jack
  112. What technology is used on the backbone of ISDN?

    B) ATM
  113. Co. just deployed 802.11g mesh. User reports being unable to connect, even though all network config's are centrally managed. What's most likely cause?

    B) User is using an 802.11a card.
  114. Which of these contains info. regarding network device alerts using SNMP?

    B) Syslog
  115. A main disadvantage of using STP?
    Convergence takes too long (30-50 seconds).
  116. New patch cable isn't working. Tech notices that two wires are crossed. Which connectivity issue is this?

    A) a short
  117. What monitors a server to see what protocols might be in use?

    D) Port Scanner
  118. Admin discovers compromised system on the network is injecting incorrect routes in an attempt to intercept network traffic. Which protocol is most likely being used?

    D) BGP
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