Lesson 13

  1. abscond
    verb- to leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution
  2. bilk
    verb- to cheat or swindle out of money
  3. clemency
    • noun- mercy, especially toward a criminal or an enemy
    • noun- mildness, especially of weather
  4. contrite
    adjective- feeling regret and sorrow for things one has done wrong
  5. impute
    • verb- to attribute the fault or responsibility to; to relate to a particular cause or source
    • verb- to assign as a characteristic
  6. iniquity
    noun- wickedness; immorality; a wicked or an immoral act; a sin
  7. redress
    • verb- to right a wrong; to make up for
    • noun- satisfaction for a wrong or injury; a correction
  8. reprehensible
    adjective- deserving of blame or criticism
  9. restitution
    • noun- the act of restoring something to its proper owner or to its original, undamaged state
    • noun- the act of compensating for loss, damage, or injury
  10. vindicate
    • verb- to clear of blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof
    • verb- to justify or prove the worth of something
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Lesson 13
Lesson 13