1. biennial?
    adj. happening every two years
  2. juvenile?
    adj. not fully grown; immature
  3. modicum?
    n. a small quantity
  4. menace?
    n. a threat; v. to threaten
  5. paucity?
    n. smallness of number; scarcity
  6. domestic?
    adj. relating to the home or family; relating to one's own country n. domesticity
  7. forthcoming?
    adj. about to appear; available when needed; communicative
  8. telling?
    adj. strikingly effective
  9. liberal?
    adj. generous; giving freely
  10. distraction?
    n. mental distress; that which amuses or entertains v. distract
  11. sporadic?
    adj. occurring irregularly
  12. propaganda?
    n.material distributed by those in favor of a specific cause and reflecting their point of view
  13. acclaim?
    v. to praise enthusiastically, esp. publicly n. acclaim
  14. brood?
    v. to be deep in thought; to think over moodily and at length
  15. compost?
    n. a mixture of decaying organic matter (e.g., leaves, maure, etc.) sed to improve soil
  16. underhanded?
    adj. sneaky
  17. attract?
    v. to pull towards; to stimulate interest adj. attractive
  18. millennium?
    a period of 1000 years adj. millennial; pl. millennia
  19. vicarious?
    adj. felt as if one were taking part in the experiences of another
  20. proliferate?
    v. to grow or reproduce rapidly
  21. oath?
    n. a formal promise
  22. temperate?
    adj. consistent; moderate; without extremes n. temperance
  23. decisive?
    adj. conclusive; beyond doubt; showing determination
  24. marvel?
    v. to be astonished or surprised; to wonder
  25. transmit?
    v. to send something out; to broadcast; to pass from one person to another
  26. aristocracy?
    n. a hereditary ruling class; a group considered to be superior to the others n. aristocrat; adj. aristocratic
  27. vacuous?
    adj. lacking substance or intelligence n. vacuity
  28. superciious?
    adj. feeling or showing proud contempt
  29. radical?
    adj. favoring fundamental or extreme change; relating to roots or origins
  30. diffuse?
    v. to spread around or scatter; adj. widely scattered n. diffusion
  31. Olympian?
    adj. majestic; God-like
  32. outmoded?
    adj. no longer in fashion
  33. turmoil?
    n. extreme confusion; uproad
  34. arable?
    adj. suitable for growing crops (of land)
  35. hierarchy?
    n. a ranking according to status or ability; a group having authority adj. hierarchical
  36. junta?
    n. a group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power
  37. reprehensible?
    adj. deserving to be severely criticized
  38. rancorous?
    adj. bitter and resentful n. rancor
  39. optimum?
    adj. the most favorable point or condition
  40. appropriate?
    v. to set apart for a specific use; to take possession of, often without permission n. appropriation
  41. lopsided?
    adj. larger or shaped differently on one side than on another
  42. abstract?
    adj. without reference to specific instance or concrete existence; theoretical; v. to remove n. abstraction n. abstraction
  43. frivolous?
    adj. of little importance n. frivolity n. frivolity
  44. caustic?
    adj. capable of burning or corroding by chemical action; bitingly sarcastic, cutting
  45. secular?
    adj. not religious; wordly
  46. perennial?
    adj. lasting through the years
  47. laudable?
    adj. worthy of praise v. laud
  48. upset?
    v. to overturn
  49. lavish?
    adj. generous; extravagant
  50. lethargic?
    adj. dull; sluggish; moving slowly n. lethargy
  51. sanctuary?
    n. a holy place; a place of refuge
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