English Vocab

  1. academy
    a school or learned society
  2. arcadian
    simple, peaceful, rustic
  3. croesus
    a very rich man
  4. cynic
    one who sarcastically doubts human motives
  5. draconian
    extremely severe
  6. epicure, epicurean
    a person with refined taste in matters of food or drink
  7. (to cut a) gordian (knot)
    to solve a difficult problem by direct and drastic means
  8. laconic
    brief, pity, concise
  9. mausoleum
    a large tomb
  10. meander
    to follow a winding course
  11. ostracism
    exclusion from society
  12. philippic
    a bitter denunciation
  13. pyrrhic (victory)
    a victory won at too great a cost
  14. solecism
    substandard usage of language, social blunder
  15. sophistry, sophism
    clever but deceptive argumentationmeant to mislead
  16. spartan
    rigorous, austere, disciplined
  17. stoic
  18. sword of damocles
    constantly threatening danger
  19. sybrite
    one devoted to luxury and pleasure
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