2 letter words

  1. 'u
    Fì'u oeyä lu.
    • n. thing (object, fact, abstraction)
    • This thing is mine.
  2. au
    Tsau lu apxa!
    • n. drum
    • Also, an interjection for surprise
    • That drum is huge!
  3. fo
    Fo lu ta'rrta.
    • pn. they (3rd person plural, shortened form)
    • They are from Earth.
  4. fu
    Si, fu ke si. Kea fmi lu.
    • conj. or
    • Do, or do not. There is no try.
  5. ha
    Yivom, ha nga ke tayerkup.
    • adv. so that, in that case
    • Eat, so that you will not die.
  6. äo-
    Ayoeng hìyahaw äotaw fìtxon.
    • adp. below
    • We shall sleep below the sky tonight.
  7. eo-
    Pe'u eoe tse'a?
    • adp. before, in front of (place)
    • What do I see before me?
  8. fa-
    Oel ngati tspamang fatskxe.
    • adp. with, by means of
    • I killed him with this rock.
  9. fì-
    Fìtsenge lu ayoeyä kelku.
    • adp. this
    • This place is our home.
  10. hu-
    Eywa ngahu.
    • adp. with
    • Eywa go with you.
  11. io-
    Toruk lu ionga! Tul!
    • adp. above
    • Toruk is above you! Run!
  12. ka-
    Oeyä 'eylan kelku si nìkakilvan.
    • adp. across
    • My friend lives across the river.

  13. Kivä neEywa'eveng ulte pivllte nìNa'vi.
    • v. go
    • Go to Pandora and speak Na'vi.
  14. ke
    Oel ke yom veyti.
    • adv. no, not
    • I don't eat meat.
  15. ki
    Rä'ä tul, ki tivìran.
    • conj. but rather, but instead
    • Don't run, but rather walk.
  16. ko
    Tsasyuve lam pxasul ko?
    part. solicit agreement (right?)
    That food looks tasty, doesn't it?

    Txantslusama tuteyä kxa lu tstu
    • n. mouth
    • A wise man's mouth is shut.
  17. kxu
    Fìtsenge lu zongtseng, kea kxu lu mì fìtsenge.
    n. harm
    This is a safe place, there is no harm in this place.

    Txep lu lehrrap. Rä'ä uvan si hu'u.
    • makes word into adjective
    • Fire is dangerous. Don't play with it.
  18. lu
    Oe lu Tawtute, ke lu Na'vi txo Uniltìranyu.
    v. is, am, are, be
  19. ma
    Ma oeyä eylan...
    • particle for "I am adressing you"
    • My friends...
  20. me-
    Ngayä menari lu lor.
    • adp. two
    • Your (two) eyes are beautiful.
  21. mi
    Oe yìlmom, mi 'efu ohakx.
    • adv. yet, as before
    • I just finished eating, yet I feel hungry.
  22. mì-
    'U kelku si mì na'rìng.
    • adp. in, on
    • It lives in the woods.
  23. na-
    Po lu tsawl, nautral.
    • adp. like, as
    • He's tall, like a tree.
  24. ne-
    Ayoe kerä ne olo'eyktan.
    • adp. to, towards (direction)
    • We're going to see the chief.
  25. nì-
    Po terul nìmwey.
    • turns word into adverb
    • He is running calmly.
  26. oe
    Oe ke omum pesu oe lu.
    • n. I, me (singular)
    • I don't know who I am.
  27. pe-
    Pesu? Pe'u? Pehem? Peseng? Pehrr? Pelun? Pefya?
    • what
    • Who? What (thing)? What (action)? Where? When? Why? How?
  28. po
    Po lu skxawng. Rä'ä poti tìng mikyun.
    • n. he, she (unspecified)
    • He's an idiot. Don't listen to him.
  29. pxe-
    Pxeveng uvan seri.
    • adp. three
    • Three children are playing a game.
  30. pxi
    Oe new futa oeyä tstal livu pxi.
    • adj. sharp
    • I want my knife to be sharp.
  31. ro-
    Oe tok rohelku. Peseng nga tok?
    • adp. at (location)
    • I'm at home. Where are you?
  32. sä-
    • makes word into instrumental noun, the thing that does the first word
    • example: nume= learn, sänume= teaching (teaching makes you learn)
  33. si
    Eltu si!
    • v. do or make (some other word)
    • Pay attention! literally, make brain

  34. Fatxkxe sì fìtaw lu ayoengyä.
    • conj. and (connects nouns)
    • This land and this sky are ours.
  35. ta-
    AyFawtute lu taRrta.
    • adp. from
    • The Sky People are from Earth.
  36. te
    Oeru syaw fko Pengamìn Eyken Uìlsonte.
    • used in giving full names
    • They call me Benjamin Aiken Wilson.
  37. tì-
    Pehrr Ayfawtute pamängähem, Na'vi nayume tìohakx.
    • makes word into abstract noun
    • When the Sky People came, the Na'vi learned hunger.
  38. tsa-
    Peu lu tsa'u?
    • adp. that
    • What is that?
  39. tse
    Tse, pehem oeng sìyi?
    • part. well, (used to start conversations)
    • Well, what are we going to do?
  40. txo
    Txo kawtu ke tsivun hivangham, frapo slivu lekye'ung
    • conj. if
    • If nobody could laugh, everybody would become insane.
  41. to
    Nga to oe lu koak.
    • comparative marker
    • You are older than me.
  42. -tu
    Ayseotu to ayfaronyu lu kanu.
    • adp. person associated with thing
    • Artists are smarter than hunters.
  43. uk
    Tsawla utralyä uk lu ngim.
    • n. shadow
    • A tall tree's shadow is long.
  44. uo-
    Tuteo tok uoe srak?
    • adp. behind
    • Is there somebody behind me?
  45. wä-
    Oe uvan sami wänga.
    • adp. against (as in, to fight against)
    • I played a game against you.
  46. ya
    Fìya to 'Rrtayä ya lu laro.
    • n. air
    • This air is cleaner than Earth's.
  47. -yä
    Fì'u lu ngayä srak?
    • adp. possessive
    • Is this yours?
  48. -yu
    Taronyu lu nawma Na'vi.
    • adp. Person who does a verb
    • Taronyu (hunter) is a great Na'vi.
  49. zo
    Tìrey zo.
    • v. to be well, to be as nature intended
    • Life is good.
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