Roy's Winter Prix Fixe

  1. Split Pea & Rock Shrimp Soup (Winter Soup)
    • Split Pea Soup with 5 Rock Shrimp. (Chx stock, bacon, split peas,
    • mirapoix, red and yellow bell peppers, prosciutto, shiso)
  2. Poached Pear & Thai Basil Salad (Winter Salad)
    • House Mixed Greens with Thai Basil and Mint.
    • Mixed with Poached Pears in Port Wine, crumbled goat cheese, spiced pecans,
    • (savory garlic, onion, paprika, sugar) and red onions.
    • Served with Lemongrass Port Vinaigrette (Dijon, Red Wine Vin,
    • lemongrass, ginger, shallots, olive oil, soy oil)
  3. 5 Spice Braised Duck Leg (Winter App)
    • 4 oz. Duck Leg braised in pork stock, seasoned with 5 spices. (Star
    • anise, szechuan peppercorn, fennel seed, clove, and cinnamon.)
    • Served with Duck Jus (Duck, chicken, ginger, garlic, gr. onion, cilantro,
    • carrot, onion, red wine vin.)
    • Served with Shitake mushrooms, Yellow patty pans, shishito peppers, bok choy,
    • and pearl onions, (sauteed in sriracha, sesame oil, mirin)
  4. Olive Oil Seared Mahi (Winter Mahi)
    • Salt and Pepper seasoned Mahi Mahi seared in olive oil.
    • Served with Meyer Lemon Sauce (Meyer lemons, shallots, sugar, olive oil,
    • veg stock). Served with Cauliflower (look alike) Couscous and Kalamata Olives.
    • (Shredded Cauliflower, Kalamata olives, bell pepper, brussel sprouts)
  5. Seafood Cioppino (Winter Cioppino)
    • Seafood Cioppino (Bouillabaisse)with Lemongrass Crusted Scallops, Jade Pesto
    • marinated Shrimp, Mussels, and Mahi.
    • Served with Thai Basil Tomato Broth (lobster bodies, shrimp shells, fennel,
    • carrot, leeks, celery, lemongrass, olive oil, thai basil, garlic, bay leaf,
    • sambai, rst. tomato, s&p)
    • Served with Yukon Potatoes Sous Vide.
  6. Citrus Tarragon Grilled Salmon
    (Winter Salmon)
    • Smokey Grilled Salmon seasoned with Citrus Tarragon.
    • (Lime zest, herbs, shiso, chives, and tarragon.)
    • Served with Saikyo Miso Broth (white miso)
    • (Mirin, ginger, lemongrass, gr. onions,sake, bonito, and kombu)
    • Served with Sweet Potato Puree and Daikon.
  7. Grilled Wagyu Meatloaf (Winter Meatloaf)
    • 2 Grilled, Five Ounce Pieces Wagyu Meatloaf.
    • Served with a Red Wine Sour Cream Sauce.
    • (Peppercorn, brandy, garlic, shallot, mirapoix, mushroom stems,
    • sour cream and Roy's natural.)
    • Served with buttered and garlic broccolini, and sour cream chive mashed potatoes.
  8. Ginger Baked Apple (Winter Dessert)
    • Baked apple first dipped in white wine, and ginger liqueur.
    • Then rolled in cinnamon, clove, and ginger. Stuffed with granola.
    • Served with a marcapone, vanilla, honey sauce.
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