1. 풍선이커졌어요.
    • The balloon became bigger.
    • My older sister became thinner.
    • (Become/turn")
  2. 요리를 잘하게 되었어요.
    축구를 좋아하게되었어요.
    • I became good at cooking
    • I came to like soccer.
    • (became, came to be/do)
    • (has been decided)
  3. 재준 씨가 캐럴 씨에게 선물을줍니다
    동생이 개한테밥을줘요.
    • Jaejun gives a present to Carol.
    • My little sister feeds the dog.
    • (is the recipient of something)
    • 주다, 선물하다, 던지다(to throw),
    • 보내다(Send), 부치다(to ship/send),
    • 붙이다(attach), 묻다(to ask),
    • 가르치다(to teach), 말하다(speak)
    • ,팔다(Sell), 가다(go), 오다(come).
  4. 아침에 빵이나 밥을 먹어요.
    목이 말라요. 물이나 주스주세요.
    • In the morning I eat bread or rice.
    • I'm thirsty, Please give me some water or juice.
    • (Or)
  5. 비행기가 기차보다빨라효.
    동생이 언니보다더커요.
    백화점이 시장보다더비싸요.
    • Airplanes are faster than trains.
    • My little sister is bigger than my older sister
    • The department store is more expensive than the market.

    (보다) Than
  6. 아침에 빵을 먹거나 우유를마셔요.
    주말에 음악을듣거나 영화를 볼거예요.
    • In the mornings I eat bread or drink milk.
    • On the weekends, I plan to listen to music or watch a movie.

    ("Or" with to verbs and nouns.) Drink milk or Eat food
  7. 내가 집에 오자마자 잤어요.
    • As soon as I arrived home, I slept.
    • (As soon as)
  8. 컴퓨터를 많이 하눈이 아파요.
    나는 기분이 좋으면 춤을 춰요.
    돈을 많이 벌 집을 살거예요.
    If you spend too much time on the computer, you'll hurt your eyes.

    I dance when I'm in a good mood.

    • If I make a lot of money, i'm going to buy a house.
    • (If/when/once)(stating a condition about some fact, daily occurrence or something repetitive action mentioned later in the sentence. Or when something has not been realized yet.
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