CIS Final 3

  1. SDLC Systems development life cycle (SDLC) –
    the overall process for developing information systems from planning and analysis through implementation and maintenance
  2. Phases in SDLC -
    1. Planning 2. Analysis 3. Design 4. Deveopment 5. testing 6. Implementation 7.Maintenance
  3. Waterfall methodology –
    an activity-based process in which each phase in the SDLC is performed sequentially from planning through implementation and maintenance
  4. Agile methodology –
    aims for customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of components developed by an iterative process
  5. Extreme programming (XP) methodology –
    breaks a project into tiny phases, and developers cannot continue on to the next phase until the first phase is complete
  6. Reasons for project failure- Primary reasons for project failure include
    • Unclear or missing business requirements
    • Skipping SDLC phases
    • Failure to manage project scope
    • Scope creep – occurs when the scope increases
    • Feature creep – occurs when extra features are added
    • Failure to manage project plan
    • Changing technology
  7. Principles for successful software development

    Primary principles for successful agile software development include:
    • Slash the budget
    • If it doesn’t work, kill it
    • Keep requirements to a minimum
    • Test and deliver frequently
    • Assign non-IT executives to software projects
  8. Consequences of Failed Projects: Damaged brand
    • Lost goodwill
    • Dissolution of partnerships
    • Lost investment opportunities
    • Low morale
  9. Project Management Interdependent variables-
    Time, cost scope = Quality
  10. Project Management Fundamentals: Project deliverable –
    any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that is produced to complete a project
  11. Project Management Fundamentals: Project milestone–
    represents key dates when a certain group of activities must be performed
  12. Project Management Fundamentals: Project manager –
    an individual who is an expert in project planning and management
  13. Project Management Fundamentals: Project management office (PMO) –
    an internal department that oversees all organizational projects
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