Geography Semesters

  1. The longest unbroken mountain chain in the world is?
    The Andes
  2. The lowlands along the coasts in cuador is called what?
  3. In Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia tropical-forested regions are called?
  4. The highest freshwater lake in the world is?
    Lake Titicaca
  5. The key export mineral for Chile is?
  6. The highest capital in the world is located in what country?
  7. Which country is landlocked?

    A) Patagonia B) Chile
    C) Bolivia D) Ecuador
    C. Bolivia
  8. What is the primary catch of the fishing industry in Peru?
  9. The unusual weather pattern that wams the ocean near the coast of South America is called?
    El Nino
  10. IN the highlands of Peru, the eastern and western ridges seperate leaving a plain in between them. What is this plain called?
  11. In Ecuador, humid-tropical lowlands of the Amazon Basin are known as?
    The Oriente
  12. Describe "vertical trade"
    People trading go to the market and trade up or down. Different Places grow different crops.
  13. Who was Bolivia named after?
    Simon Bolivar
  14. What is the official currency of Ecuador?
    U.S. Dollar
  15. Who is the President of Bolivia?
    Juan Evo Morales Ayma
  16. Who is the President of Peru?
    Alan Garcia Perez
  17. Image Upload 1label the South American Map.
    Image Upload 2
  18. What region do most of the people in Mexico live and where are major cities are located?
    Central Plateau
  19. Which or the following has had an impact on family life in Mexico?
    A) Immigration B)Tourism
    C)Emigration C) None of the above
  20. Factories in MExico the assemble improted materials into finished products that are then exported are called what?
  21. The only place in Mexico where mountains do not dominate the landscape is?
    The Yucatan Peninsula
  22. What is the official name of Mexico?
    The United Mexican States
  23. Peninsulares were people who were?
    Spanish Born
  24. Which of the following is not a tectonic plat found in the Central Plateau region of Mexico?
    Ring of Fire Plate
  25. Who did Montezuma II think was an armor clad god?
  26. Name 3 of the 4 new social classes emerged as the Spanish settled New Spain?
    Indian Criolles Peninsulares
  27. Name 2 different native american groups from Mexico?
    Aztec and Toltec
  28. Under what agreement do import tariffs on manufactured goods slowly reduced until they finally disappear?
  29. What is the capical of Mexico?
    Mexico City
  30. Name 2 advantages of Tourism in Mexico?
    Tourists make new jobs and bring money for souviners and trips.
  31. Name 2 disadvantages of tourism in Mexico?
    Congestion Pollution and the gap between the rich tourists and the less off locals.
  32. Name 2 economic challenges for Mexico?
    Closing the gap between the rich and the poor and getting to a modern industrial economy
  33. Who is the president of Mexico?
    Felipe de Jesus Calderon
  34. Felipe de Jesus Calderon's political party?
    National Action Party
  35. Image Upload 3 label the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of California, Sierrra Madre Occidental, Sierrra Madre Oridental, Sierra Madre del sur, the Gulf of Mexico, the Rio Grande, the Gulf of Panama and the Panama canal, the Carribean Sea, and the capitals.
  36. Which river carries more water to the ocean than any other in the world?
  37. The origins or the Parana River are in the highlands of what country?
  38. What acted as a barrier for movement into South America from the west and the north?
    The Andes Mountains
  39. The only place in Mexico whre mountains do not dominate the landscape is?
    Baja California
  40. The Amazon River empties into what ocean?
  41. Venezuela sits upon large deposits of what natural resource?
  42. Name the 3 major island groups that make up the Caribbean Islands?
    Bahamas, Greater Antiles, lesser Antilles
  43. What is another name for the Caribbean Islands?
    West Indies
  44. Who was the first European to encounter the West Indies?
    Chris Colombus
  45. Which of the Great Lakes is not shared with Canada?
  46. Quebec and Ontario are known as?
    Core Provinces
  47. The Rocky Mountains stretch from ______ to _____?
    Canada, New Mexico
  48. A person of mixed French-Canadian and Native American ancestry is called what?
    a metis
  49. The Great Lakes contain ____ of the worlds fresh surface water?
  50. Which region is the poorest in Canada?
    Atlantic Provinces
  51. The Core Provinces are known as Canada's...?
  52. The Prairie Provinces are known as Canada's...?
  53. In 1994 Canada, the USA, and Mexico signed a pact allowing easier trade between them. What was that pact called?
  54. Canada maintains links with other former British colonies that are independent and have equality under the symbolic protection of the British crown. What is this group of countries called?
    British Commonwealth of Nations
  55. What does NAFTA stand for?
    North American Free Trade Agreement
  56. NATO stands for?
    North Atlanic Treaty Organization
  57. IN the late 1700's Canada was split into 2 provinces. What were the names of those provinces?
    Upper and Lower Canada
  58. Image Upload 4Label Canada
    Image Upload 5
  59. What did the Native Americans introduce to settlers in the south?
  60. Miami, Florida has a neighborhood, that has many Cuban immigrants living there, named "Little...."
  61. What 2 cities are together known as the Twin Cities
    Minneapolis, St. Paul
  62. The Continental Divide is made up from what mountains?
    Rocky Mountains
  63. This Rivercarved the Grand Canyon?
    Colorado River
  64. What ocean is found on the east coast or the USA?
    Atlantic Ocean
  65. What state in the union is the largest, but also the least populated?
  66. What is the "Cultural Capital" of the Midwest?
  67. In the West what is the most precious resource?
  68. What kind of forests replaced original pine forests?
    2nd Growth
  69. Over time large cities tend to run together. What word is based on Greek roots that means a very large city?
  70. Where does the Tennessee River originate?
  71. What is the leading center of US commerce, banking, advertising, fashion, and media?
    New York City
  72. A large area of swampland covered in places with tall grass is called what?
  73. NAme the smallest region in the USA?
  74. What are marshy inlets of lakes and rivers in Louisiana called?
  75. What area/city in the Northeast Region is known for producing steel?
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  76. True or False? The Colorado River forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico.
  77. True or False? The United States purchased Alaska from Canada.
  78. True or False? The San Andreas Fault runs through Arizona.
  79. True or False? Inuit is another name for Eskimos.
  80. What is the largest freshwater lake system in the world?
    The great lakes
  81. Name the Major tributaries of the Mississippi?
    Illinois River, Missouri River
  82. What are the 4 Major islands in Hawaii?
    • Oahu
    • Hawaii
    • Kawaii
    • Maui
  83. Which South Am country is the only one to have a coast on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea?
  84. Shacks in Venezuela are called what?
  85. Which of the following was a former British Colony?

    A)French Guiana B)England
    C)Colombia D)Guyana
    D) Guyana
  86. Which of the following was a former Dutch Colony?

    A)Suriname B)The Netherlands
    C)French Guiana D) Guyana
  87. Coffee is an important export for this country?
  88. This is a territory of France?
    French Guiana
  89. This country has 1/3 of its land covered by the Andes Mountains?
  90. Which of the following did not emerge from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830?
    A)New Granada B)Venezuela
    C)Guyana D)Ecquador
  91. The Orinoco River flows into what ocean?
    A)Pacific B)Indian
    C)Arctic D)none of the above
  92. The highest waterfall in the world is found in Venezuela and is called what?
    Angel Falls
  93. Oil is an important export for which country?
    A)Venezuela B)French Guiana
    C)Colombia D)Guyana
    A) Venezuela
  94. Parallel mountain ranges that run along a coastline are called what?
  95. Bogata, Colombia, lies in a basin of..?
    The Amazon
  96. What makes Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana different from one another?
    Human Geography
  97. What does OPEC stand for?
    Orginization of Pertoleum exporting countries
  98. Name the 3 countries that make up the Guianas?
    French Guiana, New Guiana, and Gyana
  99. Who is the President of Venezuela?
    Hugo Chavez
  100. Who is the President of Colombia?
    Juan Manual Santos Calderon
  101. Uruguay is slightly smaller than...?
    Washington State
  102. Which of the following countries has 3/4 of its land covered by grasslands?
    A)Paraguay B)Uruguay
  103. This country competes with the USA, Canada, and Australia in selling beef?
  104. Paraguay is slightly smaller than..?
  105. Paraguay is the 6th largest producer of..?
  106. Which of the following is not an environmental issue for Paraguay?
    A)Deforestation B)over population
    C)Loss of wetlands D)water pollution
  107. Which country is landlocked?
    A)Paraguay B)Patagonia
    C)Uruguay D)Argentina
  108. In Argentina 1/3 of the population lives in the urban areas of...?
    Buenos Aires
  109. The president of Uruguay is..?
    Tabare Vazquez Rosas
  110. Which of the following is not a landform or climate zone Argentia can be divided into?
    A)Andes Mtns B)Costa
    C)Patagonia D)Chaco
  111. 1816, the United Provinces of the Rio Plata declared their independence from Spain. Name the 4 countries that eventually emerged from this country?
    • Argentina
    • Paraguay
    • Uruguay
  112. What is the name of the socialist group that governed Nicaragua from 1979-1990
  113. What is the name of the group in NIcaragua that the USA backed with weaphons and money during the 1980s?
    A) Contras
  114. Panama was a province of what South American country?
  115. Which of the following is not a reason why the Central American has been a region in turmoil?
    A)shortage of available farmland to meet needs of growing population
    B)Farmland has been unevenly distrivuted
    C)The spanish influence in the former colonies
    D)Governments have served the interests of the wealty
  116. Haiti is a former colony of...?
  117. Which of the following is not a religion found in the Caribbean?
    A)Catholicism B)Witchcraft
    C)SAnteria D)Voodoo
  118. Name the 2 major island groups that make up the Caribbean Islands?
    Lesser Antiles, Greater Antiles, West Indies
  119. Another Name for the Caribbean Islands?
    West Indies
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