1. Actual Parameter
    The EXPRESSION SUPPLIED for a formal parameter of a method by the caller
  2. Parameter passing
    SPECIFIYING EXPRESSIONS to be actual parameter values for a method when it is called
  3. Register
    a storage cell that holds the OPERANDS of an arithmetic OPERATION and holds its result when the operation is complete
  4. Argument
    an actual parameter in a method call, or one of the values combined by an operator
  5. Parameter
    an item of information that is SPECIFIED to a method when the method is called
  6. Formal Parameter
    a variable in a method definition; it is initialized with an actual parameter value when the method is called
  7. ARQ Algorithm
    Automatic Repeat ReQuest - STRATEGY currently in use by DATA LINK protocols for sending and receiving message PACKETS
  8. Interface
    a type with no INSTANCE variables, only abstract methods and constants
  9. Instruction set
    the set of all OPERATIONS that can be EXECUTED by a processor
  10. MAC
    Medium Access Control - Protocol that determines how to ARBITRATE OWNERSHIP of a shared line when MULTIPLE nodes want to send messsages at the same time.
  11. Object
    An INSTANCE of a class
  12. Instance Variable
    a variable defined in a class for which every object of the class has its own value
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