Biochemistry FINAL, DNA Replication, transcription, and translation

  1. they carry the genetic information from the DNA in the nucleus directly to the cytoplasm
  2. There is at least one different for each of the 20 amino acids
  3. protein synthesis takes place in the ______ with the help of the ____
    • ribosomes
    • rRNA
  4. DNA replication begins at the.....
    origin of replication
  5. can there be more than one origin of replication?
    yes, there can be several hundred
  6. DNA synthesis always occurs in what direction?
    5' to 3'
  7. what must happen first during replication?
    enzymes must relax the structure of DNA
  8. what initiates the synthesis of the daughter strands?
  9. what is the short, 200 nucleotide fragment that synthesises in the 3' to 5' prime direction?
    Okazaki fragments
  10. finishing up replication, what must occur?
    any nicks remaining and all the Okazaki fragments must be ligated (joined)
  11. the whole DNA fragment is transcribed... true or false... if false, what is not transcribed?
    false, there is a promoter sequence to start, then the introns need to be spliced out
  12. what is post-transcription process?
    when the introns are spliced out
  13. rRNA forms
  14. rRNA asks like a(n) in the ribosome
  15. tRNA each bring their own ____ ____ to the site to see which one fits the codon (triplet of bases)
    amino acid
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Biochemistry FINAL, DNA Replication, transcription, and translation