Algebra Linear Equations and Systems of Equations

  1. Slope of a line
  2. Postive slope
    Goes up hill
  3. Negative Slope
    Goes down hill
  4. Slope of Zero
    A flat, horizontal line
  5. Undefined Slope
    Vertical, straight up and down
  6. Intercept
    Where something crosses
  7. Find the slope between the points (0,2) and (4,6)
    • m=y2-y1/x2-x1
    • m=6-2/4-0
    • m= 4/4
    • m=1
  8. Y-intercept is where the line crosses the ________.
  9. Slope-intercept form

    • Point is (x,y)
    • Slope is m
    • y-intercept is (0,b) and it must be a point!
  10. Standard form
    • Ax+By=C
    • A, B, and C are integers
  11. From slope-intercerpt to standard form, you _______
    Make b alone, then multiply the whole equation to make them all integers
  12. x-intercept is where the line crosses the x-axis and is easiest to be found in ______.
    Standard form, just fill in 0 for y and solve!
  13. Point-slope form
  14. Point slope states a ____ it goes through.
  15. Point-slope simplified is __________
  16. A system of Equations is a solution of two equations, where two lines meet.
  17. The three ways to find systems of equations are __________.
    graphing, substitution, and elimination.
  18. To graph an inequality, ___________
    Solve as normal, but you dot a line that isn't equal to and remember to shade by picking a point and see if it works. A system of inequalities is solved by putting an S or an A in the shaded section of both.
  19. To solve graphically, ________________
    Graph both equations, showing all work, and find the point in which they cross.
  20. When should you use the graphing method?
    When both equations are already in y=mx+b.
  21. To solve using the substitution method, ________________
    • 1. Solve one equation in x= or y=
    • 2. Plug into other equation
    • 3. Solve for both variables by plugging in after solved
    • 4. Check using the original equation
  22. When should you use the substitution method?
    When one equation is already in y= or x=, or can easily get there like y+2x=6
  23. To solve using the elimination method, ________________
    • 1. Solve for one variable by cancelling out.
    • 2. Solve for the variable
    • 3. Solve for the other variable by plugging in after solved
    • 4. Check using the original equation
  24. When should you use the elimination method?
    When they are in standard form and can be multiplied all the way across to cancel the other one out.
  25. For word problems, just write two equations and you can solve it and get the right answer, as long as you do the correct math.
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