Englsih one fianl exam

  1. dynamic character
    a character that under goes a change throught the stroy
  2. static character
    a character that under goes no change throught the stroy
  3. External conflict
    (self vs. outside force) conflict with outside world
  4. Internal conflict
    (self vs. self) Conflict between yourself
  5. conflict
    opposeing forces
  6. resolution
    all lose ends are tied up, all problems are sloved
  7. falling action
    after max of the climax
  8. climax
    its point of highest tension or drama or when the action starts in which the solution is given.
  9. rising action
    event leading to the climax
  10. exposition
    description of characters
  11. third person omniscient
    (he, she, and it) you can see into all the characters mind
  12. third peson objective
    told from he, she, point of view the narrator only knows what someone watching would know, they don't know people's thoughts, but rather actions and words
  13. second person
    literary style in which the narrator recounts his or her own experiences or impressions
  14. First person narrator
    a story told with the narrator using I.
  15. first person point of view
    told from the viewpoint of I (one characters)
  16. inferences
    guess about what something means
  17. voice
    the way a story sounds
  18. theme
    moral of a story or the measge
  19. irony
    contrast from what you except to happen to what really happens
  20. symbol
    when something in a story stand/represents somethings else in the story
  21. Plot twist
    when events in a plot go in a complete different direction than origanaly expected
  22. flachback
    vrief reflection in the past
  23. tone
    style or manner of expression in or writing
  24. mood
    over all felling or atmosphere
  25. Setting
    time and place where a story occours
  26. Personification
    giving non-human object human quality
  27. metaphor
    Comparison not using like or as
  28. simile
    a comparison using like or as
  29. Alliteration
    repation of the beganing consonants sounds
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