Lecture 13 - Beetles

  1. What is holometabolism?
    It is complete metabolism, or metamorphosis.
  2. What are the elytra?
    The front pair of wings on a beetle that are thickened and hardened.
  3. How many species of beetle have been described?
    250,000 species
  4. What order do the beetles belong in?
  5. What families of insects belong in the coleopteran order?
    • Curculionidae (Weevils)
    • Staphylinidae (Rove Beetles)
    • Scarabaeidae (Scarab Beetles, Dung Beetles)
    • Coccinellidae (ladybugs, ladybird beetles)
    • Chrysomelidae (leaf and flea beetles)
    • Cerambycidae (longhorn beetles)
    • Gyrinidae (Whirligig Beetles)
  6. What family do weevils belong in?
  7. What group of insects belong in the Curculionidae family?
  8. What characterizes weevils?
    Mostly plant feeders with mouth parts at the end of their snouts. Usually lay eggs inside fruit. Often specifically eat only one type of fruit.
  9. What family do rove beetles belong in?
  10. What group of insects belong in the Staphylinidae family?
    Rove Beetles
  11. What characterizes rove beetles?
    They are predacious, scavengers, and they have a shortened elytra making them look more like ants.
  12. How many species of rove beetle have been described so far?
    40,000 species
  13. What family do Scarab Beetles and Dung Beetles belong in?
  14. What group of insects belong in the Scarabaeidae family?
    Scarab Beetles and Dung Beetles
  15. How many species in the Scarabaeidae family have been described?
    30,000 species
  16. What characterizes members of the Scarabaeidae family?
    Contains the heaviest insect (Goliath Scarab Beetle). Many adults are pollinators, most species are scavengers that survive off of dung and carrion. Some feed actively on plants.
  17. What family do ladybugs and ladybird beetles belong in?
  18. What group of insects belong in the Coccinellidae family?
    Ladybugs, and ladybird beetles
  19. How many described species of ladybugs and ladybird beetles are there?
    5,000 species described so far
  20. What characterizes ladybugs and ladybird beetles?
    They are important consumers of leaf-eating insects, particularly aphids.
  21. What family do leaf and flea beetles belong in?
  22. What group of insects belong in the Chrysomelidae family?
    Leaf and flea beetles
  23. How many species have been described in the Chrysomelidae family?
    30,000 species
  24. What characterizes members of the Chrysomelidae family?
    Members all eat leaves. Flea beetles in particular are small (only 2mm), and just jump great distances relative to their body length.
  25. What family do longhorn beetles belong in?
  26. What group of insects belong in the Cerambycidae family?
    Longhorn beetles
  27. What characterizes longhorn beetles?
    They’re typically large in size, and have very long antennae. They’re important decomposers of wood, as the larvae eat wood.
  28. What family do whirligig beetles belong in?
  29. What group of insects belong in the Gyrinidae family?
    Whirligig beetles
  30. What characterizes Whirligig beetles?
    Live on the surface of water, swim on surface with one eye submerged and the other exposed to the air. Swim in groups, sometimes in circular maneuvers to confuse predators. Can trap air bubbles to submerge for longer periods of time.
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