Acari Reading

  1. What are acari?
    Acari are mites.
  2. How old is the lineage of acari?
    Earliest fossils date back 400 million years.
  3. How many species of mites have been described? What percentage of total species of mites does it represent?
    45,000 species ID’d so far, representing probably 5% of all mite species.
  4. Where can mites be found?
    Everywhere, except in the clouds. In all aquatic environments, even at depths of 5000m. In soil up to 10m deep. On plants, animals, and insects. You name it.
  5. How many Acari might you find in one square meter of mixed temperate hardwood or boreal coniferous liter?
    You might find 1 million mites, representing 200 species in at least 50 families.
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