Mathcabulary 2

  1. perimeter
    the distance around a figure measured in linear units such as feet, inches, or meters
  2. area
    the amount of surface covered by a figure. Area is measured in square units such as square feet or square meters.
  3. scale drawing
    a drawing of an object with the same shape as the original object, but not the same size.
  4. scale
    In a scale drawing, a key that tells how the dimensions of the drawing and the actual dimensions are related.
  5. data
    information, often given in the form of numbers or facts
  6. frequency table
    a table that displays the number of times each item or category occurs in a data set
  7. line plot
    a number line diagram that uses X marks to show the frequencies of items or categories being tallied
  8. bar graph
    a graph in which the lengths of bars are used to represent and compare data
  9. double bar graph
    a bar graph that shows two sets of data on the same graph
  10. ordered pair
    numbers that describe a point on a coordinate grid
  11. coordinates
    the numbers in an ordered pair that locate a point on a coordinate grid
  12. line graph
    a graph that represents data using points connected by line segments to show how quantities change over time
  13. circle graph
    a graph that represents data as parts of a circle. The entire circle represents all of the data.
  14. mean
    the sum of data values divided by the number of values (average)
  15. median
    the middle data value when the values are written in numerical order or the mean of the two middle values if the data set has an even number of values
  16. mode
    the data value that occurs most often. there can me one, more than one, or none.
  17. range
    the difference between the greatest data value and the least data value
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Mathcabulary 2
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