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    • Coresus and Calirhoe by Fraganar 1765 dark, serious, smooth pic, history
    • scene, dramatic, prist in love with cali. prays to Dianises=response wplague,
    • whole town goes man, has to kill Calir. to save them. she faints he kills
    • himself, she wakes up kills herself,
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    The Swing by Fragonard 1767 ganra scene more dramatic-slice of life, kicks off show, see leg and more, love triangle, old man in b/g, young man in f/g looking in her dress, statue=boys riding dolphin=impatient desire, lap dog barking=girl is beyond the fence, man face is red, hand open wants to grab, finger to mouth shhhh=secret prearranged thing nature=give into impulse
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    The Progress of Love 1771-73 by Fragonard 4 stages of love, meet him in garden, two of them being suprised, statue of venus affection but not public, knowledge=time isnt right rose=full bloom
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    Silence! by Greuze 1759 young mother, working class, todler asleep and baby, older son wants to play flute thing, shh with eyes, less eroticized, earthly pallate, fluid paint, beautifu to look at.
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    Sleeping Schoolboy by Greuze 1755 showed at Salon, imple people ganra scene, praised by critics=natural and tender Dutch Art Rembrant and Boucher, learn through experience not books
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    Girl Weeping over her Dead Bird by Greuze 1759 sentimental and emotional=sensitive, girl crying over bird or loss of innoccence or losing virginity
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    The Village Bride by Greuze 1761 'master piece' painted w/care,polish, linear, palate earthly w/some bright colors-detailed made for presentation to Acadamy, yung man asking father for hand in marriage, links her arm to her fiance, love=new life, man receiving money for her hand, notery=marriage contract, mother han and her chicks, one alone=thirst for marriage
  8. Image Upload 8
    Septimius Severus by Greuze 1769 history painting, son planed to kill father, paternat authority, son is humiliated, in neo-classical mode, Acadamy didnt like the painting and wants him as ganra painter
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    Andromache Weeping over the Body of Hector by Hamilton 1761 layout similar to Roman relief, morning family and friends, last scene in story 1st he did. classical manner, neo classical, noe-pousin, death=of a hero, death bed, deep space, closed off, shallow, detailed, real antiquerium.
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    The oath of Brutus by Hamilton 1763-64 before Horatii, set up pic for David, Intertwined figures, wife raped, kills herself, family oath to kill the man, woman weak, man strong,
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    Parnassus by Mengs 1760-61 ceiling painting, fresco, lute, lural leef, victory, painted as if on wall, return to simplicity
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    The Foundations of Hadrian's Mausoleum by Piranesi 1756 poping out of print, man made, gives way to nature,
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    The Cupid Seller by Vien 1763 neo classical, influenced by excavation, gray wall, classical interior, based upon a wall painting le antichta di ercolani?? basket w/cupids, pink table cloth, sit on fancy chair, painting bought by mme Du Bery
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