lab final

  1. AAMA
    All American Medical Association
  2. AMA
    American Medical Association
  3. anesthesiologist
    physician focused on surgical points and pain relief
  4. autopsy
    surgical opperation on a dead body
  5. nephrology
    study and fuction dieses dealing with the kidney
  6. orthopedist
    branch that deals with skeletal system
  7. pasteurization
    process of heating food to slow microbiotic growth
  8. pathology
    study of diagnosis and diesese
  9. grievence
    a wrong or hardship suffered which is grounds for complaint
  10. caustic
    capable of burning or destroying live tissue
  11. cerabal palsy
    nonprogressive paralysis due to defects in the brain or birth trauma
  12. diathermy
    use of heat inducing wavelengths to provide muscle relaxation and thearpy
  13. exudate
    fluid pus serm in cavity hard and crusty
  14. opposition
    ability to move the thumb into contact with other fingers
  15. parapalegia
    paralysis of the lower portion of the body
  16. petrissage
    kneeding or rolling method of massage
  17. sprain
    pain disabiliting caused by tramus to a joint
  18. strain
    execcive stretching or pulling
  19. supernatant
    floating on the surface or over something
  20. tapotement
    light tapping or precussion sides of hands massage
  21. tendonitis
    inflamation of a tendon
  22. assertiveness
    perfered way to manage stress
  23. behavioral reactions
    way to express or communicate feelings
  24. compromise
    • a settlement
    • adaptive response to stress
  25. conformity
    • response to stressfull situations
    • action in accord with pravalling standards, attitudes,
    • obidenice
  26. desire for success
    need to succeed
  27. distress
    stress is labled when events have harmful effect
  28. emotion
  29. erythema
    redness of skin
  30. eustress
    good stress
  31. hemaiplegia
    total paralysis of a leg arm trunk one side
  32. hypo stres
    insuffeciant stress
  33. jealousy
    emotion of fear of losing a close relationship
  34. motavation
    directing efforts toward a goal
  35. motives
    goal directed activites
  36. negotiation
    mutual concession with another person
  37. parapalegia
    paralysis of lower body
  38. neuroses
    mild emotional disturbance
  39. psychoses
    severe mental disorder
  40. psycotheraphy
    personal counseling with a psychotherapist
  41. quadriplegia
    paralysis of all 4 limbs
  42. stimulus needed
    phychosocial motives
  43. stress
    patteren of response of a person
  44. subjective feelings
    plasure or displeasure
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