Spanish Regular Verbs.csv

  1. abandonar
    to abandon; leave; forsake; give up
  2. abusar
    to abuse; misuse
  3. acabar
    to complete; finish; end
  4. acampar
    to camp; go camping
  5. acelerar
    to accelerate; hasten; hurry; speed
  6. aceptar
    to accept
  7. aclamar
    to acclaim; applaud; shout; hail
  8. aclarar
    to explain; clarify; make clear
  9. acompañar
    to accompany; go along
  10. aconsejar
    to counsel; advise
  11. acostumbrar
    to be accustomed; be in the habit of
  12. acuchillar
    to knife; cut; cut open; slash
  13. acumular
    to accumulate
  14. acusar
    to accuse
  15. adaptar
    to adapt
  16. adelantar
    to advance; front; keep on; progress; go ahead
  17. adivinar
    to guess; divine; foretell
  18. administrar
    to administer
  19. admirar
    to admire
  20. adoptar
    to adopt
  21. adorar
    to adore; worship
  22. adornar
    to adorn; decorate
  23. afectar
    to affect; feign; pretend
  24. afeitar
    to shave
  25. afirmar
    to affirm
  26. agachar
    to lower; bend down
  27. agarrar
    to grab; seize; grasp; get hold of
  28. agitar
    to shake up; agitate; stir up; wave
  29. agotar
    to use up; exhaust
  30. agrandar
    to enlarge; grow larger; increase
  31. agravar
    to aggravate; make worse; burden
  32. agrupar
    to group; form groups
  33. aguantar
    to endure; tolerate; put up with
  34. aguardar
    to expect; wait for
  35. agujerear
    to pierce; perforate; puncture; bore
  36. ahorrar
    to save (not waste)
  37. alarmar
    to alarm
  38. alimentar
    to feed; nourish; sustain
  39. aliviar
    to lighten; unburden; alleviate; relieve
  40. almacenar
    to store
  41. alojar
    to lodge; house; quarter
  42. alquilar
    to rent; hire
  43. alterar
    to alter; change; disturb; upset
  44. alumbrar
    to illuminate; light; enlighten
  45. amar
    to love
  46. anular
    to annul
  47. anunciar
    to announce; foretell; proclaim
  48. apartar
    to separate; divide; part
  49. apestar
    to corrupt; sicken; nauseate; plague
  50. apoyar
    to support; back; favor; lean on
  51. apreciar
    to appreciate; appraise; esteem
  52. apurarse
    to grieve; worry; fret
  53. argumentar
    to reason; dispute
  54. armar
    to arm
  55. arreglar
    to arrange; set in order; settle; repair; adjust
  56. arrestar
    to arrest
  57. arrojar
    to fling; throw; hurl
  58. articular
    to articulate; pronounce clearly
  59. asaltar
    to assault; storm; assail
  60. asegurar
    to assure; affirm; insure; assert
  61. asesinar
    to assassinate; murder
  62. asignar
    to assign; allot
  63. asociar
    to associate
  64. aspirar
    to vacuum; inhale; breathe in; draw
  65. asustar
    to scare; frighten
  66. atrapar
    to overtake; catch
  67. aumentar
    to augment; increase; magnify; gain weight
  68. ayudar
    to help; assist; aid; succour
  69. ayunar
    to fast
  70. bailar
    to dance
  71. bajar
    to lower; go down
  72. balancear
    to balance
  73. ba�ar
    to bathe; wash; rinse
  74. basar
    to base
  75. beneficiar
    to benefit
  76. besar
    to kiss
  77. bloquear
    to block
  78. borrar
    to erase
  79. brindar
    to toast; offer; present
  80. cachear
    to search; frisk
  81. calcular
    to calculate
  82. calmar
    to calm down; pacify
  83. callar
    to make quiet; shut-up
  84. cambiar
    to change
  85. caminar
    to walk
  86. cancelar
    to cancel
  87. cansarse
    to tire out; get tired; become weary
  88. cantar
    to sing; chant
  89. cariciar
    to caress; pet; fondle
  90. casarse
    to marry; get married; wed
  91. causar
    to cause; bring about; create
  92. celebrar
    to celebrate
  93. cenar
    to eat dinner/supper
  94. cepillar
    to brush
  95. circular
    to circulate
  96. citar
    to cite; quote
  97. cocinar
    to cook
  98. colaborar
    to collaborate
  99. columpiar
    to swing; sway; play on a swing-set
  100. combinar
    to combine
  101. comentar
    to comment
  102. comparar
    to compare
  103. compensar
    to compensate
  104. compilar
    to compile
  105. completar
    to complete
  106. comprar
    to buy
  107. concentrar
    to concentrate
  108. condenar
    to condemn
  109. condensar
    to condense
  110. conectar
    to connect
  111. confirmar
    to confirm
  112. conformar
    to conform
  113. confortar
    to comfort
  114. confrontar
    to confront
  115. conllevar
    to help someone with hardships
  116. conquistar
    to conquer
  117. conservar
    to conserve; save; maintain in some condition
  118. considerar
    to consider
  119. consolar
    to console
  120. constipar
    to constipate
  121. consultar
    to consult; counsel
  122. contaminar
    to contaminate
  123. contemplar
    to contemplate
  124. contestar
    to answer; respond; reply
  125. contratar
    to contract for; hire; engage
  126. controlar
    to control
  127. conversar
    to converse; have a conversation
  128. coordinar
    to coordinate
  129. cortar
    to cut
  130. crear
    to create
  131. cuidar
    to guard; take care of
  132. curar
    to cure; heal
  133. charlar
    to chat; talk
  134. chiflar
    to whistle; hiss; scoff
  135. chillar
    to shriek; squeak; scream; shout; screech
  136. chismear
    to chat; gossip; prattle
  137. chupar
    to suck; draw
  138. declarar
    to declare
  139. decorar
    to decorate
  140. defraudar
    to defraud; cheat
  141. dejar
    to leave; let; leave alone; let stand
  142. deliverar
    to deliver
  143. demandar
    to demand
  144. denunciar
    to denounce
  145. derivar
    to derive
  146. desayunar
    to eat breakfast
  147. descansar
    to rest
  148. descifrar
    to decipher; decode; figure out
  149. descuidar
    to relieve from care
  150. desear
    to wish; desire
  151. desempe�ar
    to redeem; recover; unpawn
  152. desenchufar
    to unplug
  153. desenga�ar
    to disillusion; disabuse
  154. desfigurar
    to disfigure
  155. desilusionar
    to disillusion
  156. desmayar
    to faint; lose heart
  157. desocupar
    to vacate; leave empty
  158. desorientar
    to disorient
  159. despreciar
    to despise; condemn; look down on
  160. detectar
    to detect
  161. determinar
    to determine
  162. devorar
    to devour
  163. dibujar
    to draw
  164. dictar
    to dictate; pronounce; inspire; suggest
  165. disculpar
    to excuse
  166. disfrutar
    to enjoy; take enjoyment in
  167. disgustar
    to disgust
  168. disparar
    to shoot; discharge; fire
  169. disputar
    to dispute
  170. divorciar
    to divorce
  171. doblar
    to double; fold; bend
  172. duchar
    to shower
  173. dudar
    to doubt
  174. echar
    to put in; throw; cast; fling; put
  175. ejecutar
    to execute; carry out
  176. elevar
    to elevate
  177. eliminar
    to eliminate; exclude; remove
  178. emborrachar
    to make drunk; intoxicate
  179. empeorar
    to worsen; make worse; deteriorate
  180. emplear
    to employ; use; hire
  181. enamorarse
    to fall in love; enamour
  182. encantar
    to enchant; be enchanting
  183. encarcelar
    to imprison; put in jail
  184. enchilar
    to chilify; burn with chiles
  185. enfadar
    to annoy; displease; anger
  186. enfermarse
    to get sick; become ill
  187. enga�ar
    to deceive; cheat
  188. engendrar
    to engender
  189. engordar
    to get fat; gain weight
  190. enojar
    to anger; make mad; madden
  191. ense�ar
    to show; teach
  192. ensuciar
    to soil; get dirty; stain; pollute
  193. entrar
    to enter; go in
  194. entrevistar
    to interview
  195. enumerar
    to enumerate; number
  196. envidiar
    to envy
  197. escapar
    to escape
  198. escoltar
    to escort
  199. escuchar
    to listen; hear
  200. esperar
    to wait; hope; be pregnant
  201. estipular
    to stipulate
  202. estornudar
    to sneeze
  203. estudiar
    to study
  204. evitar
    to avoid; evade
  205. exagerar
    to exaggerate
  206. exaltar
    to exalt
  207. examinar
    to examine; test
  208. excusar
    to excuse
  209. exhalar
    to exhale
  210. expresar
    to express
  211. expulsar
    to expel; eject; drive out
  212. extirpar
    to extirpate
  213. facilitar
    to facilitate
  214. faltar
    to lack; miss; be missing
  215. fallar
    to fail; miss; be deficient
  216. fascinar
    to fascinate; bewitch
  217. fastidiar
    to bug; annoy; bother
  218. fecundar
    to fecundate; fertilize
  219. fijar
    to fix; focus
  220. firmar
    to sign
  221. formar
    to form
  222. formular
    to formulate
  223. fracturar
    to fracture
  224. frustrar
    to frustrate
  225. fumar
    to smoke
  226. funcionar
    to work; function
  227. fundar
    to found
  228. fusilar
    to shoot
  229. ganar
    to win; earn; gain
  230. gastar
    to spend (money)
  231. golpear
    to hit; strike; bump
  232. grabar
    to record
  233. gritar
    to scream; shout; yell
  234. gustar
    to please; be pleasing
  235. hablar
    to speak; talk
  236. hallar
    to find
  237. heredar
    to inherit
  238. hinchar
    to swell up; become swollen
  239. honrar
    to honor
  240. ignorar
    to ignore
  241. imaginar
    to imagine
  242. imitar
    to imitate
  243. implantar
    to implant
  244. implementar
    to implement
  245. importar
    to import; to be important
  246. impresionar
    to impress; affect; influence
  247. incapacitar
    to incapacitate
  248. incorporar
    to incorporate
  249. incrementar
    to increment
  250. infectar
    to infect
  251. inflamar
    to inflame
  252. informar
    to inform
  253. ingresar
    to enter; join a group; become a member
  254. iniciar
    to initiate
  255. inspeccionar
    to inspect; examine; survey; oversee
  256. inspirar
    to inspire
  257. insultar
    to insult
  258. intentar
    to intend
  259. intercambiar
    to interchange; exchange
  260. interesar
    to interest
  261. interpretar
    to interpret
  262. inventar
    to invent
  263. invitar
    to invite
  264. inyectar
    to inject
  265. irritar
    to irritate
  266. jalar
    to pull; draw; drag
  267. jubilarse
    to retire
  268. juntar
    to join; bring together; gather
  269. jurar
    to swear; take an oath
  270. ladrar
    to bark; howl
  271. lastimar
    to injure; hurt; wound
  272. lavar
    to wash
  273. levantar
    to lift; pick up; raise
  274. liberar
    to liberate; free; set free
  275. licenciar
    to license
  276. limitar
    to limit
  277. limpiar
    to clean; wipe
  278. luchar
    to fight; battle; wage war
  279. llamar
    to call
  280. llenar
    to fill; make full
  281. llevar
    to take (literally); wear
  282. llorar
    to cry; weep
  283. lloviznar
    to rain lightly; drizzle
  284. madurar
    to mature; ripen
  285. malfuncionar
    to malfunction
  286. maltratar
    to mistreat; abuse
  287. manchar
    to spot; stain; soil
  288. mandar
    to send; order; command
  289. manejar
    to drive; manage; handle; operate (vehicle)
  290. manipular
    to manipulate
  291. martillar
    to hammer; pound with a hammer
  292. mejorar
    to make better; get better
  293. mencionar
    to mention
  294. mirar
    to watch; see; look
  295. moderar
    to moderate
  296. mojar
    to moisten; wet; make wet
  297. molestar
    to annoy; bother; disturb; bug
  298. montar
    to mount; ride
  299. mudarse
    to move; relocate
  300. nadar
    to swim
  301. necesitar
    to need
  302. nombrar
    to name
  303. notar
    to note
  304. nublarse
    to cloud up; get cloudy
  305. observar
    to observe
  306. ocupar
    to occupy
  307. odiar
    to hate
  308. olvidar
    to forget
  309. operar
    to operate; run
  310. opinar
    to opine; to be of the opinion
  311. optar
    to opt
  312. orar
    to pray
  313. parar
    to stand; come to a stand-still; stop
  314. participar
    to participate
  315. pasar
    to pass; spend (time)
  316. patinar
    to skate
  317. patrullar
    to patrol
  318. peinar
    to comb
  319. pelear
    to fight
  320. penetrar
    to penetrate
  321. perdonar
    to pardon; excuse; forgive
  322. perdurar
    to last; last a long time
  323. perfeccionar
    to perfect
  324. perforar
    to perforate
  325. perpetrar
    to perpetrate
  326. perturbar
    to perturb
  327. pesar
    to weigh; be weighty
  328. pintar
    to paint
  329. pitar
    to toot; honk; blow a whistle; whistle
  330. planchar
    to iron
  331. portar
    to bear; carry; port; comport
  332. precisar
    to state precisely; specify
  333. preguntar
    to ask (a question)
  334. preocuparse
    to preoccupy; concern
  335. preparar
    to prepare; fix; get ready
  336. presentar
    to present
  337. prestar
    to lend; let borrow; loan
  338. privar
    to deprive; impede; prohibit; forbid
  339. procrear
    to procreate
  340. programar
    to program
  341. progresar
    to progress
  342. pronunciar
    to pronounce
  343. proporcionar
    to proportion
  344. protestar
    to protest
  345. proyectar
    to project
  346. pulsar
    to pulsate; beat
  347. quebrar
    to break
  348. quedar
    to stay
  349. quejarse
    to complain; gripe
  350. quemar
    to burn
  351. quitar
    to remove; take off; take away
  352. rega�ar
    to nag; gripe; snarl (dog)
  353. regatear
    to barter
  354. regresar
    to return; go back; give back
  355. rentar
    to rent
  356. reparar
    to repair; fix
  357. respetar
    to respect
  358. resultar
    to result
  359. saludar
    to greet; say hello
  360. señalar
    to wave; signal; stamp; show; point out; indicate
  361. terminar
    to terminate; end; finish; stop
  362. tirar
    to throw; pull; draw
  363. tolerar
    to tolerate; put up with; endure
  364. tomar
    to drink; to take (figuratively)
  365. trabajar
    to work; labor
  366. traicionar
    to betray
  367. transformar
    to transform
  368. transportar
    to transport
  369. trasladar
    to move; transfer; remove (from one place to another)
  370. tratar
    to treat; try
  371. triunfar
    to triumph; be triumphant
  372. untar
    "to anoint; grease; oil; smear; ""bribe"""
  373. usar
    to use
  374. viajar
    to travel; take a trip
  375. vibrar
    to vibrate
  376. vigilar
    to watch over; vigil
  377. vincular
    to conquer
  378. violar
    to violate
  379. visitar
    to visit
  380. voltear
    to turn
  381. vomitar
    to vomit; puke; upchuck
  382. votar
    to vote
  383. yodurar
    to iodize
  384. zapatear
    to give a shoe to; kick
  385. zonar
    to zone
  386. absorber
    to absorb
  387. aprehender
    to apprehend
  388. aprender
    to learn
  389. barrer
    to sweep
  390. beber
    to drink; sip
  391. comer
    to eat
  392. cometer
    to commit
  393. compeler
    to compel
  394. comprender
    to comprehend; understand
  395. conceder
    to concede; grant; bestow; award
  396. correr
    to run; race; hasten; go fast
  397. deber
    to owe; to ought to
  398. depender
    to depend
  399. esconder
    to hide
  400. exceder
    to exceed
  401. meter
    to insert; put in
  402. poseer
    to own; possess; hold
  403. prender
    to switch on; grab; seize
  404. proceder
    to proceed
  405. prometer
    to promise
  406. romper
    to break; break up with; tear
  407. sorprender
    to surprise
  408. tejer
    to crochet; weave; knit; braid
  409. temer
    to fear; be afraid of
  410. toser
    to cough
  411. vender
    to sell; vend
  412. abatir
    to overthrow; knock down; throw down
  413. abolir
    to abolish
  414. abrir
    to open
  415. aburrir
    to bore; be boring
  416. acudir
    to attend; answer a call; come to rescue
  417. admitir
    to admit; grant; permit
  418. añadir
    to join; augment; increase
  419. aplaudir
    to applaud
  420. asistir
    to attend (classes)
  421. asumir
    to assume
  422. combatir
    to fight; combat
  423. confundir
    to confuse; confound; mess things up royally
  424. consumir
    to consume
  425. cubrir
    to cover; put the lid on
  426. cumplir
    to complete; finish
  427. decidir
    to decide
  428. definir
    to define
  429. deprimir
    to depress
  430. describir
    to describe
  431. descubrir
    to discover; uncover
  432. discutir
    to discuss
  433. distinguir
    to distinguish
  434. disuadir
    to dissuade
  435. dividir
    to divide
  436. emitir
    to emit
  437. escribir
    to write
  438. escupir
    to spit
  439. exhibir
    to exhibit
  440. existir
    to exist
  441. imprimir
    to print
  442. incurrir
    to incur
  443. inscribir
    to inscribe
  444. insistir
    to insist
  445. interrumpir
    to interrupt
  446. invadir
    to invade
  447. ocurrir
    to occur
  448. omitir
    to omit
  449. partir
    to divide; split; break open
  450. percibir
    to perceive
  451. permitir
    to permit; allow; let
  452. persistir
    to persist
  453. persuadir
    to persuade
  454. presidir
    to preside
  455. presumir
    to presume
  456. prohibir
    to prohibit; forbid; ban
  457. pudrir
    to rot; putrefy; decay
  458. pulir
    to polish; finish
  459. recibir
    to receive
  460. sacudir
    to shake off; beat; jerk
  461. subir
    to rise; climb; go up; board
  462. transcribir
    to transcribe
  463. transmitir
    to transmit
  464. unir
    to unite
  465. vivir
    to live; be alive
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