Organization Theory Job Design

  1. Key Variables (I): Variance and Interdependence
    - Variance: Deviation with respect to a normal transformation process; (non-negligible effect on output, and requiring human intervention)

    - Interdependence: Extent to which the performance of an activity depends on (is affected by) other activities, for; (resource pooling/sharing, and/ or input/output exchanges)
  2. Which Activities to Consider?
    • - Unitary operations: sets of technically inseparable tasks > bound to division of labor
    • - All activities vertically linked in a transformation chain
    • - All the activities of support, maintenance, control and regulation of the analyzed transformation process
  3. Organizational Implication
    • - High Variance of activities and interdependence among them >
    • -Less division of labor by phases and operations >
    • - Organization by output/process/client
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