7th grade Mr.Welsh Test on Government

  1. Government
    A system in which people are ruled, controled, and protection.
  2. Constution
    States the laws, principles of government.
  3. Monarchy
    Government in which people are ruled by a kings.
  4. Democracy
    Government in which people are ruled by elected repersentatives.
  5. Anarchy
    No government
  6. What led to the starting of Jamestown, besides GOLD
    Jealousy of Spain's American empire
  7. What two actions led to the death of Jamestown settelers
    Settlers were more interested in searching for gold than in rasing food, and indian attacts.
  8. How did jamestown colonist make enemies
    By taking N.A. supplies by force.
  9. What two actions helped Jamestown
    Settelers learned how to plant tabacco, and created a Representative government.
  10. The Representative government of Jamestown promised...
    Settlers were promised the same rights an English citizens
  11. What is the House of Burgesses
    Decide matters that affected the colonies
  12. What happened in 1619
    Jamestown grew with the addition of women who married, worked, and raised families
  13. Pilgrims were...
    Victims of persecution for beliefs.
  14. In 1620...
    100 pilgrims boarded the Mayflower
  15. What happened as a result of landing in Massachusetts
    They violated the charter, and as a solution wrote the Mayflower compact(self-government)
  16. Englands economy follows....
    The principle of mercantilism.
  17. What was the Navigational Acts.
    It listed certain products that colonial merchants could ship only to England.
  18. Each colonies government had thing in common, such as...
    Each had a governor that directed affairs and enforced laws.
  19. What is a Legislature
    Legislatures have an upper and lower house.
  20. What are the two houses
    The upper house is made up of advisors appointed by the governor. The lower house is made up of members elected by governors.
  21. Who could vote.
    White male Christian property owners over 21.
  22. Who could not vote.
    • Women
    • Africans
    • Native Americans
    • Men who didn't own property
    • Men who didn't belong to a certain church
  23. What started the taxes
    The French & Indian war, Proclomation line
  24. Why did the Brit's send soldiers
    To remind citizens that they were still part of Britian
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7th grade Mr.Welsh Test on Government
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