1. What is filled out at the scene of the accident with all info about the accident and people involved?
    Standard Form 91
  2. Which form is the Request for Driver's Training and Addition to US Government Driver's License?
    AF IMT 171
  3. What is used to give any persons involved in accident all info they require from you?
    DD Form 518
  4. What form is the Vehicle Serv-O-Plate, resembles a credit card, and is used at non Automated Fuel Service Stations on base?
    AF Form 1252
  5. What is the Operator's Inspection Guide and Trouble Report?
    AF IMT 1800
  6. What is the Motor Vehicle Operator Identification Card?
    AF IMT 2293
  7. What's the operating pressure of a tractor?
  8. What's the operating pressure of a cargo truck?
  9. What can swivel on a 90-degree arc (45-degrees left and right)?
    One-person hitch
  10. What is the towing capacity of a bobtail?
    40,000 lbs
  11. What is the Rough Terrain lift capacity?
    6,000 lbs
  12. What is the Adverse Terrain lifting capacity?
    10,000 lbs
  13. What is the Variable Reach lift capacity?
    $6,000 lbs
  14. What are the weights of the two models of the Swingmast?
    • 4,000 lbs
    • 6,200 lbs
  15. What is unique about the design of the swingmast?
    Capable of rotating load 90-degrees to the right side
  16. What size ISOs can the Stacker lift?
    • 20ft
    • 40ft
  17. How high can the stacker stack ISOs?
  18. How high of a stack can a stacker lift of ISOs weighing 77,000 lbs each?
  19. How high of a stack can a stacker lift of ISOs weighing 55,000 lbs each?
  20. What size ISO can the 50K forklift lift?
  21. What MHU is 4-wheeled, has automotive steering, and has a weight capacity of 5,500 lbs?
  22. What MHU is a 10-wheeled flatbed with a weight capacity of 15,000 lbs?
  23. What MHU is 4-wheeled, with double-ackerman steering, and a weight capacity of 12,000 lbs?
  24. Which MHU has 1 hand brake lever?
  25. What MHU uses two rear wheel braking?
  26. What MHU uses 4 inboard rear wheel braking?
  27. What MHU uses all 4 wheel braking?
  28. How many shackles come with the MHU?
  29. What adapter severs as a 2nd deck on the MHU 141?
  30. How many strap-downs come with the MHU?
  31. How many cables come with the MHU
  32. What lift truck is mounted on a low-slung, heavy-duty frame supported by 4 small high-capacity wheels?
  33. What lift truck is mounted on a low-slung, heavy-duty frame supported by 6 small high-capacity wheels?
    MHU 83
  34. What is a shortened from of a bobtail that achieves a smaller wheel base for a shorter turning radius?
    Modified Chassis
  35. What is the primary tow vehicle used by Munitions personnel?
    Bobtail Tow Vehicle
  36. What kind of transmission does the bobtail use?
  37. How is the bobtail powered?
    • Gas
    • Diesel
  38. What does the rear deck consist of?
    • Ballast Box
    • Rear Fender
    • Toolbox
    • Pintle Hook
    • External Fuel Tank
  39. Which forklift uses articulated steering?
    Adverse Terrain
  40. What is mounted on the forward end of the trailer drawbar?
    Surge Brake
  41. What is connected between the surge brake and towing vehicle?
    Breakaway Cable
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