Medical Terminology

  1. bowmans capsule
    cup shaped end of renal tubule containing the glomerulus
  2. calyx
    cup shaped part of the renal pelvis through which urine passes from the renal tubules
  3. cortex
    outer layer of the kidney
  4. glomerulus
    collection of coiled interwinded apillaries located in the kidney cortex
  5. kidneys
    two organs on the posterior abdominal wall that filter the blood, excreting the end prodcuts of body metabolism in the form of urine, and regulating body minteral levels
  6. medulla
    inner layer of the kidney
  7. nephron
    structural and function unit of the kidnye, numbering about a million and capable of forming urine
  8. renal artery
    one of two large arteries branching from the abdominal aorta that supplies blood to kidneys, adrenals, and ureters.
  9. renal pelvis
    funnel shaped expansion of the upper end of the ureter
  10. renal tubule
    long twisted tube leading from glomerulus to collecting tubules.
  11. renal vein
    one of the two large veins that carries blood from the kidneys to the inferior vena cava
  12. ureter
    tubular structure through which urine passes from the kidney to the bladder
  13. urethra
    passage through which urine is discharged from the bladder to the body exterior
  14. urinary bladder
    musculomembanous sac that stores urine, receiving it through the ureters and discharging it through the urethra
  15. azoturia
    excess urea
  16. calculus
    kidney stones
  17. cystitis
    inflammation of the urinary bladder
  18. dialysis
    the process of using an artifical kidney to filter waste materials from the body
  19. floating kidney
    kidney not securely fixed in the usual location because of birth defect or injury
  20. glomerulonephritis
    nephritis with inflammation of the capillary loops in the renal glomeruli
  21. hydronephrosis
    distention of the renal pelvis with urine, caused by obstrcution of the ureter
  22. nephrolithiasis
    condition marked by the presence of renal calculi
  23. nephorptosis
    downward displacement of a kidney
  24. nephrorrhaphy
    suture of the kidney
  25. pyelitis
    inflammation of the renal pelvis
  26. renal failure
    kidney fails to funciton normally in excreton of body waste
  27. uremia
    retention of toxic body waste in blood
  28. ureterostomy
    creation of a new outlet for a ureter through the abdominal wall to the outside
  29. urethritis
    inflammation of the urethra
  30. urinary tract infection
    an infection of the urinary tract
  31. Wilms' tumor
    a malignant tumor of the kidney, usually affection children under age 5
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