Korean Sentence conjugation

  1. 처럼/ 같이
    • as____as
    • like a____

    • Ex. 가수처럼 노래를 잘불러요
    • He sings like a professional Singer
  2. 우산이두개있는데 빌려줄까요?
    선생님, 제가들어드릴까요?
    • I have 2 umbrellas, so shall I lend you one?
    • Let me help you with that.
    • Teacher, Shall I help you
    • (Shall I, Allow me, I will.)
  3. -아/어 보다
    • Try out/experience.
    • 갈비를먹어봤어요?=have you tried ribs
    • 한번입어보세요.=Pleas try it on.
    • 제주도에가보고싶어요.=I want to visit Jeju.
  4. -을/ㄹ 까요?
    • Shall we..?
    • 같이눙구할까요?=Shall we play some Bball?
    • 무슨영화를볼까요?=What movie shall we see?
  5. V-(으)시겠어요?
    • Would you like....?
    • 도넛좀 드시갰어요?=Would you like a donut?
    • 커피에설탕을 넣으시겠어요?=Would you like some sugar in your coffee.
  6. V-(으)니까
    • To discover
    • 집에들어오니까 밧있는 냄새가나요=I arrived home to discover the smell of something tasty.
  7. V-(으)러가아/오다
    • go or come to do something.
    • I came to Korea to meet my Korean fans.
    • 은행에 돈을찾으러가요.
    • I'm going to the bank to withdraw some money.
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