Vocabulary part 3

  1. Bask
    to lie or relax in a pleasent warmth or atmosphere
  2. Potent
    having or exercising force, authority, or influence.
  3. Renegade
    a deserter from one faith, cause, or alligence to another
  4. Pneumonia
    a disease of the lungs characterized by inflammation
  5. Gaudy
    showily or tastelessly or namenated
  6. Burlap
    a coarse fabric made usually from jute or hemp and used principally for bags and wrappings
  7. Virile
    haxing the nature, powers or qualitiesof an adult
  8. Ermine
    any of several weasels with black on their tail and a brown coat of fur which usually becomes white in the winter
  9. Opera
    a drama set to music
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Vocabulary part 3
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