Vocab 12/17/10

  1. Shrewd
    clever or sharp in practical affairs; astute
  2. Tangential
    • touching upon but generally unrelated;
    • only superficially related to the matter at hand; peripheral; not essentially
    • relevant
  3. Diatribe
    a bitter, abusive denunciation
  4. Assuage
    • to lessen (pain, distress); to calm (anger,
    • fear); to satisfy or slake (thirst)
  5. Gentility
    • politeness; the quality of being
    • well-bred; having proper decorum
  6. Misogyny
    hatred of women
  7. Avarice
    greed for money; excessive love of riches
  8. Disingenuous
    insincere; not candid or frank
  9. Rapt
    carried away with emotion; completely engrossed
  10. Querulous
    • quarrelsome; inclined to find fault;
    • peevish
  11. Pithy
    terse and full of meaning
  12. Fodder
    • : (noun) coarse food for cattle or horses;
    • idiomatically, bulk and common material
  13. Concomitant
    accompanying; attendant
  14. Nubile
    • : (adj.) sexually attractive; marriageable (said of a
    • female)
  15. Putative
    • generally considered or deemed to be;
    • reputed
  16. Discrete
    separate and distinct
  17. Parity
    equality in power or value
  18. Rebuke
    to scold in a sharp way; to reprimand
  19. Prate
    to talk idly or foolishly at great length
  20. Palpable
    capable of being touched; obvious; tangible
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