D&C Final

  1. Edward Partridge
    (57)-First (presiding) Bishop in the church
  2. A. Sidney Gilbert
    (53, 57)-called to establish a store to earn money to buy land, ordained an elder, called to assist the Bishop
  3. Sidney Rigdon
    (71, 73, 76)-called on a mission with Joseph, translate the Bible, sees the Heavens in section 76
  4. Newel K. Whitney
    (72)-Second bishop in the church, storekeeper
  5. Leman Copley
    (54)-broke his covenant to the Lord to dedicate the land meant for the Colesville Saints
  6. Isaac Morley
    (64)-He, along with others, was frustrated with Joseph’s leadership--they wanted to be leading too. Isaac Morely and Ezra Booth-kept not the law---not great missionaries--God forgives Issac, while he is gone on a mission God commands Titus Millings to sell Isaac’s farm--this was done to avoid Isaac making a difficult decision--so that he would not be tempted more than he could bear. God requires your heart. God takes things to see where their hearts are (God can take when/what he pleases to test heart)
  7. William W. Phelps
    (55)- called and chosen to be baptized, ordained an elder, and preach the gospel, printer for the church
  8. Ezra Booth
    (71, 73)- apostatized and published the first anti-mormon literature in a newspaper
  9. William E. McLellin
    (66-68)- had Joseph ask the Lord about him in sec. 66 and 68, went to the Joseph with 5 questions for the Lord
  10. Oliver Cowdery
    (69)-appointed to carry the manuscript of the compiled revelations and commandments to Independence, Missouri, for printing. Also to take with him moneys that had been contributed for the building up of the Church in Missouri. As the course of travel would lead him through a sparsely settled country to the frontier, a traveling companion was desirable, Editor.
  11. John Whitmer
    (69)-Church Historian. Also appointed to travel many places to obtain knowledge. Assigned to travel with Oliver Cowdery to Missouri, traveling in a dangerous area.“to insure the safety of the money and the sacred things he was to carry with him, that one should go with him that would be a true and faithful companion...”
  12. Newel Knight
    (54)--he was appointed by the Thompson,Ohio Saints (Colesville branch) to ask Joseph Smith to inquire of the Lord on what they should do with Consecration of properties. Also President at the branch in Thompson--see section heading of 54
  13. Orson Hyde
    (68)-Fulfilled prophecy--proclaimed the gospel ‘from people to people, from land to land, traveled with Samuel S. Smith (New York, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island), dedicated Jerusalem
  14. Luke Johnson
    (68) one of the original apostles
  15. Lyman Johnson
    (68) first and youngest apostle called; one of the original apostles
  16. Keys for discerning (50)
    • Three ways to know if teaching is from God:
    • 1. Understand
    • 2.Edify
    • 3.Rejoice with one another
  17. Patterns for discerning: (52)
    • Does he pray & how sincere
    • His obedience to ordinances
    • Language- meek& edify
    • Recognize God’s power- fruits
  18. Administering the Law of Consecration (51, 54)
    Leman Copley broke covenant and took back farm

    Edward Partridge is in charge of administering the Law of Consecration, as the first bishop

    Principles of the Law of Consectration: honesty, put your neighbor first, all things are God’s, take care of debts, free will, care for poor/needy
  19. Joseph’s questions regarding the land (57)
    • When will Zion be built?
    • When will the wilderness blossom as the rose?
    • Where will the temple be built?
  20. What was Joseph answered in 57?
    • He was only told WHERE, HOW, and WHO
    • (Sidney Gilbert),
    • not told WHEN because it depends on the people (us!)
    • Told the center of Zion was Independence, MO
    • Temple would be built a block west of the courthouse
  21. How to Become Zion People (58)
    • Keep commandments in spite of tribulation
    • Teach the gospel to every nation (1st to the rich/learned, to help build Zion)
    • Keep the laws of the Land & God
    • Don’t have to be commanded to do righteous
    • Consecrated People- Law of consecration
    • Having a pure heart-> repent and confess sins
  22. Commandments for Zion (59)
    Sabbath day- creates detail of law, there’s a lot of gray area
  23. The Return Journey from Zion (60-62)
    • “Speedily, but not in haste” (60)
    • The Destroyer on the waters, blessing and cursing the land and water (61)
    • “It mattereth not to me”
    • what does and doesn’t matter to God:
    • 1. be faithful
    • 2. declare glad tidings
  24. Problems in Kirtland (63)
    Overzealous to inherit Zion vs. individuals seeking signs before acting
  25. Sacrificing the heart and a willing mind: what the Lord requires in building Zion (64)
    The Lord requires your heart
  26. The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven (65)
    • This section is a prayer about the future of the Kingdom of God: temple dedication
    • Kingdom of God: on earth; the CHURCH
    • Kingdom of Heaven: Millennial Kingdom
    • The Kingdom of God must:
    • Preach, Pray, Prepare
    • Then the Kingdom of Heaven may come.
  27. Publishing the revelations: Challenging the wording (66-67, 69)
    • William McClellin had 5 questions for Joseph Smith; he questioned the revelation’s wording; chastened for adultery & sign-seeking (both are related sins because they both involve immediate gratification and wanting the reward without paying the price) (66)
    • Real problem wasn’t with imperfections in the wording, but with the focus in their hearts on the wrong things (67)
    • Book of Commandments will be printed in Missouri because WW Phelps has a printing press there (69)
    • Oliver Cowdery and John Whitmer are called to carry revelation/collect church history; principle: 2 people for protection (69)
  28. Duties and Callings of Bishops (68, 72)
    • first-born literal descendant of Aaron has legal right to the office of Presiding Bishop (restoration of doctrine from Ancient Israel), BUT he must be worthy and ordained by those in authority! (68)
    • Newell K Whitney is called as second bishop because of church’s growth (72)
  29. The Literary Firm – temporal and spiritual stewardships (70)
    • publication of the “Book of Commandments”
    • stewardship over spiritual (revelations, etc) makes you “worthy of your hire”
    • this allows the Church to call who God calls, and not just the independently wealthy
    • accountability of your stewardship “in time/eternity” for your family, talents, blessings, etc
  30. Counsel and promises for dealing with anti-Mormon opposition (71)
    • Counsel: Confound your enemies
    • Promises
    • Their shame shall be manifest
    • There is no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper
    • If any man lift his voice against you he shall be confounded in the Lord’s own due time
  31. Counsel on marriage and families (74)
    • Q&A--Corinthians 7:14 (quoted in verse 1 of D&C section 74) (regarding marriage)
    • If married: be patient/part member families-you may be the one who saves your spouse
    • Not yet married: ideally marry in the Church--Follow the brethren/Prophet teachings
  32. Counsel on improving missionary work (75)
    • Elders having a hard time teaching Gospel (hard time converting people), they turned to Joseph and ask how to be better missionaries
    • Focus on those ready to receive the Gospel
    • Depart speedily from those not ready, they will waste time
    • Don’t murmur
  33. Historical Background of section 76
    • “The Vision” given to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon, occured in Hiram, OH at the house of “Father Johnson”
    • John 5:29 translation about the resurrection of just and unjust
  34. 6 visions
    • (1) Glory of The Father and The Son
    • (2) Fall of Lucifer
    • (3) Sons of Perdition
    • (4) Celestial Kingdom
    • (5) Terrestrial Kingdom
    • (6) Telestial Kingdom
  35. 1st Vision
    • (1) Glory of The Father and The Son
    • Heard voice and saw (Sidney sees The Father) they see other worlds
    • God is the creator of these worlds and He is the Savior
  36. 2nd Vision
    • (2) Fall of Lucifer
    • “Fallen!” Shocked Heaven
    • Heaven wept over him
    • He is a Son of the Morning (unsure of exact meaning of title) Lucifer means ‘light;’ he became Perdition meaning ‘lost’---all those who followed him (1/3) are sons of perdition
  37. 3rd Vision
    • (3) Sons of Perdition
    • saints of God who have a certain level of knowledge, God’s power or partakers of power, seen Christ (know God) and denies when his eyes had been opened to the truth, seek revenge of church members/ churchVs. 32 and 34 “Better for them not to have been born” because then they would have remained with God
  38. 4th Vision
    • (4) Celestial Kingdom
    • Heavenly Father presides
    • These are they that over come all things
    • Receive the fullness of the Gospel of Christ
    • Vs. 52 keeping commandments, receive Holy Ghost (by the laying on of hands), ordained and sealed into this power
    • Vs. 53 overcome by faith, sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise
    • Valiantly living the Gospel
    • They are just men made perfect through Jesus Christ
    • The Atonement is perfect and through it we can be perfected--only through Christ
  39. 5th Vision
    • (5) Terrestrial Kingdom
    • Jesus Christ presides
    • rejected Gospel in this life and then accepted in next life/spirit world (died without Law)
    • honorable men that were blinded by the ways of the world....
  40. 6th Vision
    • (6) Telestial Kingdom
    • Holy Ghost presides
    • Vs. 82 major difference between Telestial and Terestial kingdom--did not receive Gospel in this life or next/spirit wold-liars and cheaters....
  41. Sidney Rigdon
    Campbellite preacher, compared to John the Baptist, scribe for Joseph, called to watch over him
  42. Hiram Page
    used a seer stone to receive revelations, was believed because: he was one of eight witnesses, similar to Joseph, and the common belief in other religions of all receiving revelation for congregation
  43. Joseph Knight, Sr
    wealthy farmer, financial supporter of Joseph
  44. Oliver Cowdery
    One of 3 witnesses, school teacher for Smith children, boarded at Smith house, Joseph’s scribe
  45. Edward Partridge
    Traveled with Sidney Rigdon to meet Joseph, first Bishop, compared to Nathaniel
  46. Newel K. Whitney
    store owner, called as 2nd bishop
  47. Martin Harris
    One of 3 witnesses, lost 116 pages, was Joseph’s scribe
  48. David Whitmer
    One of 3 witnesses, presided over church in Missouri
  49. Section 1
    The Lord’s Preface
  50. Section 8
    The Spirit of Revelation
  51. Section 9
    Oliver Cowdery’s Calling in the Translation--Study it in your mind
  52. Section 13
    The Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood
  53. Section 18
    The Name of Jesus Christ--The Worth of Souls
  54. Section 19
    Eternal and Endless Punishment--Atonement of Jesus Christ
  55. Section 20
    Church Organization and Government--Constitution
  56. Section 21
    When My Prophet Speaks--Blessings for listening
  57. Section 28
    Revelation for the church--One at the head
  58. Section 42
    The Law of the Lord to His Church
  59. Section 45
    The Savior’s Second Coming
  60. Section 50
    False Spirits--Deception in method
  61. Section 57
    The Center Place of Zion
  62. Section 57
    The Lord’s Will Concerning the Land of Zion and His People--how Zion is built
  63. Section 76
    The Vision (Degrees of Glory)
  64. Palmyra, NY
    First vision
  65. Colesville, NY
    Joseph Knight’s home, where first branch of the church is organized
  66. Adam-ondi-Ahman, MO
    1st event (of 4 listed in class) of the Second Coming - all the Saints will meet there
  67. Fayette, NY
    Peter Whitmer Sr. home--where church was organized, where the 3 witnesses saw the gold plates
  68. Kirtland, OH
    where the Saints were commanded to move; many thought that this was Zion
  69. Independence, MO
    • Lamanite mission ended here
    • Zion
  70. Harmony, PA
    Restoration of Priesthood, on the Susquehanna river near Harmony, PA
  71. Hiram, OH
    4 church conferences concerning publication of the Book of Commandments; location of the Vision (section 76)
  72. What makes it unique
    Constantly evolving, open canon, no direct story line, preface by God, greatest percentage of Christ’s words, almost all revelations of one person, unique doctrines (such as 3 degrees of glory, celestial marriage, baptisms for the dead, law of consecration, and church government)
  73. Major themes
    2nd Coming
  74. Purposes of the book
    • To prepare the world for the 2nd coming
    • Promises: increase faith, understand covenants, increase understanding, point out errors, instruct you, chasten you, humble you, proclaim fullness of gospel, weak made strong
  75. History of the Doctrine and Covenants (Explanatory Introduction)
    • 1833 “Book of Commandments” printed in Missouri (printing disrupted)
    • 1835 “Doctrine and Covenants” (Doctrine = Lectures on Faith, Covenants = revelation)
    • 1844 Section 135 added by John Taylor, declaring Joseph’s martyrdom
    • 1876 Removed Declaration on Marriage and Brigham Young added new sections
    • 1921 Heber J Grant removed Lectures on Faith
    • 1981 Current edition, Spencer W Kimball adds 137 and 138
  76. Chronological order of significant events
    • 1. Lost 116 pages
    • 2. Restoration of Priesthood
    • 3. Church organized
    • 4. Lamanite Mission
    • 5. Move to Ohio
    • 6. Locating Zion
  77. Restoration of Priesthood
    • (Section 13) may 15 1829
    • Where:Priesthood restored on the banks of the Susquehanna River, near Harmony PA John the Baptist brought the priesthood keys
    • Who was there: Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery
    • Date/when: May 15, 1829
    • Priesthood: Privilege, responsibility, blessing, purpose (bless others), limitation, powers (rights and responsibilities)
    • Aaronic Priesthood: Ministering of angels, Baptism, Gospel of repentance (i.e. home teachers, sacrament) Bishop head of Aaronic keys-for repentance
  78. Translation and Publication of the Book of Mormon
    (Section #) march 26 1830 (when first published
  79. Organization of the Church
    • (Section 20)
    • Churchs “constitution”
    • 1st Revelation sustained by Church membership, Appeared on the 1st page of the 1st issue of the “Evening and Morning Star”.
    • Added amendments for the needs of the growing church, wording sometimes modifies.
    • This revelation establishes a church “Constitution” which followed laws of state
  80. Mission to the Lamanites
    • (Section 32)
    • ended in Independence
    • resulted in conversion of Sidney Rigdon’s congregation
  81. Locating Zion and Learning How to Build It
    • section 57 and 58
    • Section 57:
    • When will Zion be built?
    • When will the wilderness blossom as the rose?
    • Where will the temple be built?
    • *God answers where and tells how and who-God does not answer first two questions because we must always be ready-Brigham Young teaches that the timing is up to us
    • Section 58:
    • (1) Keep commandments despite trials/adversity
    • (2) Missionary work (everyone must have the opportunity to receive Gospel) order to the rich and wise, learned and noble then to the poor, lame, blind and deaf
    • (3) Obedient People-laws of land and laws of God
    • (4) Bring to pass much righteousness-on own-do good on own
    • (5) Law of Consecration
    • (6) Repent, confess and forsake(repent of everything)
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